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Network security firewall market to grow by $3.04 bn till 2026

The global network security firewall market size is expected to grow by USD 3.04 billion during 2021-2026, at a CAGR of 12.05%. The rising adoption of cloud and implementation of BYOD, the need for network security and privacy, and the advent of next-generation network security technologies are one of the major factors propelling the market growth. However, factors such as shortage of skilled workforce and lack of knowledge about threats, availability of open source and free-of-cost security firewalls may impede the market growth.

Global Network Security Firewall Market Driver
One of the major factors propelling the growth of the network security firewall market is the increased usage of cloud computing and the deployment of BYOD. Businesses across a range of sectors, including BFSI, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail, are embracing cloud computing technology to cut costs and boost the effectiveness of their IT infrastructure. Cloud computing setup takes very little time, allowing applications to be scaled up to meet corporate needs. The BYOD policy’s implementation also boosts staff productivity. Request Free Sample Report.

Global Network Security Firewall Market Trends
One of the main network security firewall industry trends driving the market’s expansion is the appearance of new products. To keep ahead of their rivals, leading suppliers in the worldwide network security firewall market are always creating and launching new technologies and solutions. This means that the adoption of network security firewalls, which will subsequently support the expansion of the market during the forecast period, is anticipated to be fueled by the rising development and launch of firewall solutions with sophisticated technologies. Buy Sample Report.

Global Network Security Firewall Market Challenge
One of the things restricting the network security firewall market’s growth is the lack of competent labor and ignorance of dangers. In the last ten years, there has been a rise in cyberattacks. As a result, businesses are implementing cutting-edge security solutions, such as network security firewalls, to solve security issues. Firewalls do have some restrictions, though. The adoption of network security firewalls during the forecast period may be hampered by the increasing nature of cyberattacks and data thefts, a lack of understanding, and the constraints associated with firewalls.

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