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Mobile makers will have to adopt to USB Type-C by 2025

A recent report by online community platform LocalCircles has unveiled that 90 percent of consumers in India are in favor of the government’s move to establish a common charging cable standard for smartphones and tablets. As part of its plans to reduce electronic waste and streamline charging solutions, the Indian government is aiming to adopt USB Type-C as the universal charging port for electronic products by March 2025.

The study further highlights that 70 percent of respondents believe that the existence of different chargers for various devices enables companies to sell additional accessories. Conversely, a mere 6 percent of consumers expressed contentment with the current system, wherein smartphones and tablets from different brands use different charging cables.

Drawing inspiration from the European Union, which plans to implement a common charging port by June 2025, India is on the brink of adopting similar recommendations from a Consumer Affairs committee. The objective behind this initiative is to minimize the number of chargers per household and subsequently reduce the generation of e-waste.

According to the report, 78 percent of surveyed consumers expressed the view that all smartphones and tablets, irrespective of the brand, should use the same USB charging cable. This sentiment underscores the dissatisfaction among Indian consumers regarding the rapid increase of various charging cables and the perception that brands intentionally adopt this approach to drive accessory sales.

As a result of the high prices associated with branded charging cables, a majority of consumers resort to purchasing generic alternatives. The report sheds light on this prevalent consumer behavior, emphasizing the financial strain imposed by brand-specific charging solutions and the preference for more affordable alternatives.

Reportedly, the Department of Consumer Affairs has forwarded the recommended charging port framework to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), which is expected to notify the proposed framework in the near future.

In conclusion, the report’s findings demonstrate a significant level of consumer dissatisfaction in India with the current system of diverse charging cables for smartphones and tablets. Indian consumers overwhelmingly support the standardization of charging cables, believing that such a move will not only reduce e-waste but also alleviate the need to purchase expensive branded accessories. India TV News

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