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Major outage hits OpenAI’s ChatGPT

ChatGPT, OpenAI’s GPT-powered chatbot, faced a massive outage on both mobile and desktop on Thursday noon. According to several reports on platforms like X (previously Twitter), users were not able to access ChatGPT on Android smartphones and on the desktop, receiving an error message stating, “the server is having a problem, please try again later.”

According to Downdetector, over 600 users have reported issues with ChatGPT. There are also reports that some users can access ChatGPT on Android. Currently, there is no information on what exactly has caused this outage.

Due to the outage, some users were also unable to access their previous chats on ChatGPT, on both mobile and desktop. This could be due to the increase in user traffic post the launch of the GPT Store, and this is the first major outage that ChatGPT has experienced this year.

ChatGPT launched its highly anticipated GPT Store just yesterday, allowing GPT+ subscribers to publish custom GPTs built on top of GPT-4. It also enables developers to monetise their custom GPTs, which already have over 3 million GPTs.

In addition, the company has introduced a new ChatGPT Team subscription, offering access to all ChatGPT Plus features for $25 per user, per month, and requiring a team to have at least two users. Compared to ChatGPT Plus, ChatGPT Team also provides a higher message cap, an admin console, advanced data analytics, and assures that OpenAI will not use your data to train future models of ChatGPT. Indian Express

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