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IT consumption models and AIOps driven automated operations

Businesses and public sector organizations will need to accelerate the modernization of their IT infrastructure and operations to be able to build a sustainable competitive advantage in the next 2 to 3 years. The ability to align to the digital paradigm is not only contingent upon investing in next-generation cloud-native IT infrastructure technologies, platforms, and solutions, but also how CIOs will help transform to autonomous IT operations using AI / ML technologies, delivering business resilience, agility, flexibility, and adaptability.

The rapid proliferation of data-driven edge workloads, growing number of ransomware and malware attacks, and blistering growth in the volume of structured and unstructured data are creating significant challenges, as a result of which by 2023, most C-Suite will implement business-critical KPIs tied to data availability, recovery, and stewardship. IDC believes this will help to sustain data-driven innovation.

“The CIO and IT decision-makers will need to do some serious thinking beyond modernizing the technology building blocks and platforms if they truly intend to align to digital business outcomes, SLAs, and KPIs. Cultural and mindset change is going to be one of the keystones of digital infrastructure paradigm, which goes far and beyond just embracing cloud as the defacto delivery platform or using OPEX based as-a-service IT consumption models. Digital Infrastructure represents the dawn of a new era for IT decision-makers to make an inedible mark in helping their organization lead into the future,” says Rajnish Arora, Vice President Enterprise Infrastructure Research at IDC Asia/Pacific.

IDC’s Future of Digital Infrastructure top 10 predictions provide guidance for CIOs and IT Infrastructure decision-makers on how to accelerate the modernization of their infrastructure and transformation to autonomous operations delivering ubiquitous service experience across myriad of cloud destinations, and core datacenter to the edge infrastructure.

#1: Strategic Lock-In: By 2024, A2000 leaders prioritize business objectives over infrastructure choice, deploying 50% of new strategic workloads using vendor-specific APIs that add value but reduce workload portability

#2: Supply Chain Integrity: In 2023, over 60% of A2000 will cite business resiliency to drive verifiable infrastructure supply chain integrity as a mandatory and non-negotiable vendor evaluation criterion

#3: Cyber Recovery: By 2023, most C-Suite leaders implement business-critical KPIs tied to data availability, recovery, and stewardship as rising levels of cyber-attacks expose the scale of data at risk

#4: ESG: By 2024, 60% of A2000 digital infrastructure RFPs require vendors to prove progress on ESG/Sustainability initiatives with data, as CIOs rely on infrastructure vendors to help meet ESG goals

#5: Edge First Data: By 2024, due to an explosion of edge data, 55% of A2000 will embed edge-first data stewardship, security, and network practices into data protection

#6: Workload Dependency Explosion: By 2025, a 6X explosion in high dependency workloads leads to 65% of A2000 firms using consistent architectural governance frameworks to ensure compliance reporting and audit of their infrastructure

#7: Consumption-as-a-Service: By 2025, 60% of enterprises will fund LOB and IT projects through OPEX budgets, matching how vendors provide their services with a focus on outcomes that are determined by SLA’s and KPIs

#8: Next-Generation Infrastructure: By 2025, 60% of companies will invest in alternative computing technologies to drive business differentiation by compressing time to value of insights from complex data sets

#9: AIOPs Maturity: By 2026, 90% of A2000 CIOs will use AIOps solutions to drive automated remediation and workload placement decisions that include cost and performance metrics, improving resiliency and agility

#10: New IT Advisors: By 2026, mid-market companies will shift 55% of infrastructure spending from traditional channels towards more app-centric trusted advisors

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