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IIT Jammu unveils underwater wireless optical communication system

In a groundbreaking development, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Jammu has unveiled an innovative underwater wireless optical communication system, poised to revolutionize coastal defense capabilities for the Navy.

This cutting-edge technology promises to enhance the transmission of critical information securely, rapidly, and with increased data capacity between coastal points, bolstering national security efforts.

Distinguished by its superior communication speed surpassing conventional radio frequency and acoustic waves, this pioneering system holds immense significance for naval operations. With the capacity for high-speed wireless optical transmission over distances ranging from 100 to 300 meters, contingent upon water properties, the system offers unparalleled advantages for maritime defense strategies.

Dr. Ankur Bansal, Assistant Professor at IIT Jammu, told the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), “This system represents a significant leap forward in underwater telecommunications, boasting high bandwidth, rapid response times, and enhanced security measures.”

He added that the system’s architecture comprises sophisticated transmitters and receivers, facilitating seamless optical signal transmission and reception. Deployable via sensors and lasers, these components enable effective communication between shore installations, ships, and even unmanned aerial drones.

The applications of this revolutionary technology extend across various domains crucial to naval operations, including: Naval Defense and Surveillance: Enhanced communication capabilities empower real-time monitoring and response to maritime threats, fortifying coastal defense mechanisms.

Marine Exploration and Research: Facilitating expedited data transmission, the system facilitates advanced marine exploration endeavors, enabling researchers to glean insights into the underwater world with unprecedented efficiency.

Underwater Infrastructure Inspection: By facilitating swift and reliable communication, the system streamlines underwater infrastructure inspection processes, ensuring the integrity and functionality of critical assets.

Underwater Barrier Monitoring: Through rapid data transmission, the system facilitates comprehensive monitoring of underwater barriers, safeguarding vital installations and maritime boundaries.

Dr. Bansal underlined the significance of underwater wireless communication in military applications, underscoring the imperative behind its development. He further highlighted the system’s potential to transcend existing communication limitations in underwater environments, heralding a new era of maritime connectivity and security—(KNO). Kashmir News Observer

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