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Huawei replaced 13,000 components to dodge US sanctions

U.S. sanctions have been imposed on Chinese tech company Huawei because of worries about its suspected ties to the Chinese military for years.

The company has now revealed how it replaced and redesigned 13,000 components and 4,000 circuit boards in the past three years to overcome the sanctions, according to a report published by South China Morning Post (SCMP) on Sunday, citing Huawei founder’s speech.

Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei, said that he was not “anti-West.”

“But all of a sudden, we were sanctioned, and they could not provide us with the components and tools, my mind went blank,” Zhengfei said, per the speech transcript.

Ren gave a speech in February to express his gratitude to the general public and academics who helped the business find solutions to its technological problems.

He said during the speech that Huawei produced replacement parts using domestic resources, which has “stabilized” the production of circuit boards.

The resource planning system MetaERP, which Huawei will deploy the following month, would fully utilize its own operating system, data system, compiler, and language, he added.

Zhengfei underlined that he supported Western technology when he was younger and continued to admire it when he started Huawei, up until Huawei’s disputes with the U.S.

And because the U.S. sanctions hurt its formerly lucrative smartphone industry, Huawei is now focusing on enterprise solutions, such as assisting traditional sectors in digitalizing their processes.

Huawei’s uncertain future
According to Zhengfei, the corporation invested $23.8 billion in R&D in 2022.

Zhengfei asserted that Microsoft’s OpenAI would not be the lone dominant player in the field of artificial intelligence.

The sector would require greater computer power, he continued, which will increase demand for Huawei’s goods. The platform, he added, is not something his business will pursue.

A peek at Huawei’s efforts to circumvent years of U.S. restrictions was provided by Zhengfei’s speech, which was released by Nanjing, Peking, Shanghai Jiao Tong, and other universities said the SCMP report.

Given the company’s focus on creating its own resources and technologies, it is unclear how Huawei will develop and compete in the global tech market. InterestingEngineering

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