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Harman’s 5G testing lab in Gurgaon makes waves

Harman, a subsidiary of Samsung, is making waves in the world of 5G testing with its state-of-the-art facility in Gurgaon. While 5G technology promises lightning-fast download speeds and extensive coverage density, someone needs to ensure that devices and networks are truly 5G compatible and capable. That’s where Harman’s testing lab comes in.

The lab is equipped with a live 5G network that authenticates, certifies, and fast-tracks 5G devices, ensuring their interoperability and devising innovative use cases. Harman’s expertise in audio brands like JBL and car infotainment products has now expanded to include digital transformation solutions (DTS). With over 6,000 engineers in India, including 25 5G experts, Harman is well-positioned to drive the adoption of 5G in various sectors.

One of the key focuses for Harman is the healthcare industry. With 5G, the possibilities for connected healthcare are endless. From robotic surgery to virtual reality-based therapy, 5G enables vital use cases that provide touchless experiences for patients. In the manufacturing sector, 5G promises hassle-free connectivity of smart-factory equipment, while Harman’s “IoT in a Box” platform facilitates seamless communication between machines and enterprise applications.

In the realm of communication, 5G opens the door for enhanced mobile broadband (EMBB) and the launch of 5G-based connected customer premise equipment (CPE) like Wi-Fi routers and hotspots. Additionally, 5G’s capabilities in video AI have the potential to transform cities, from reading number plates to monitoring traffic flow.

The Gurgaon lab plays a crucial role in testing and verifying these advancements. With a private network interoperability lab and extensive testing tools, the facility allows for comprehensive protocol and functional tests. It can simulate complex 5G network scenarios and offers shielding chambers to ensure accurate results. For private 5G networks, the lab can validate end-to-end interoperability without the need for simulators.

Harman’s 5G testing lab is at the forefront of driving connectivity and innovation. As 5G continues to evolve, this facility will play a significant role in shaping its future applications. With its commitment to testing and verifying the latest devices and networks, Harman is paving the way for a connected world powered by 5G technology. ISP

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