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DoT to allocate two carriers of 250 MHz each in E-band

In view of the increased backhaul capacity requirements of TSPs with Access Service authorization/license and having Access Spectrum in the IMT bands, especially on account of 5G, it has been decided to allot carriers in E-band spectrum for the purpose of backhaul on interim basis as per the following guidelines:

TSPs, based upon their application, would be allotted a maximum of 2 (two) carriers of 250 MHz each (paired) bandwidth in E-band (71-76/81-86) GHz for their backhaul purpose in the LSAs where they are holding Access Spectrum in IMT bands.

For each E band carrier of 250 MHz paired bandwidth, Spectrum Charges will be charged @ 0.15% of AGR (Adjusted Gross Revenue) of the TSPs in the interim period, which will be adjusted/recalculated retrospectively (from date of provisional assignment) based upon the pricing decided finally. No interest shall be paid/ charged on the excess / shortfall amount, if any, while making such adjustment/recalculation. Final assignment of carriers will be decided accordingly.

Spectrum Charges shall be payable in four quarterly instalments during each financial year (FY). Quarterly instalments of Spectrum Charges for the first three quarters of a financial year shall be paid within 15 days of the completion of the relevant quarter. However, for the last quarter of the financial year, the Licensee shall pay the Spectrum Charges by 25th March on the basis of expected revenue for the quarter, subject to minimum payment equal to the revenue share paid for the previous quarter.

Any delay in payment of spectrum charges, payable, or any other dues payable under the License beyond the stipulated period will attract interest at a rate which will be 2% above the one-year Marginal Cost of Lending Rate (MCLR) of the State Bank of India existing as on the beginning of the Financial Year (namely 1st April) in respect of the spectrum charges pertaining to the said Financial Year. The interest shall be compounded annually. A part of the month shall be reckoned as a full month for the purpose of calculation of interest. A month shall be reckoned as an English calendar month.

All E-band carriers assigned, as an interim measure, will be purely on temporary and provisional basis and all such assignees will have to participate in the auction and/or any other assignment methodology, as decided by the Government after considering the recommendations of the TRAI in this regard.

The E- band carriers, assigned as an interim measure, will stand reverted back to the Government, after a period of three months from the date of finalization of results of aforesaid activity as detailed/stipulated in para 5 above in case such assignees fail to get back the carriers/ spectrum provisionally assigned as an interim measure.

WPC Wing reserves the right to change or modify frequencies assigned to licensee without any notice in the interest of public or for proper conduct of telegraphs and or for security considerations.

Equipments conforming to TEC/ITU and other international standards and National Frequency Allocation Plan (NFAP) shall be deployed.

Any misuse i.e. use of E-band carriers allotted under these guidelines for purpose(s) other than backhaul will lead to immediate withdrawal of these carriers and invocation of relevant terms and conditions of the UL/UASL-Access Service Authorization.

The applicants (TSPs) are required to submit an undertaking as per enclosed proforma, with their request for the assignment of E- band carriers.

These guidelines shall be effective from the date of its issue.

CT Bureau

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