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Arsaga partners with NTT, DOCOMO, and Tokyu Land for telecom innovation

Arsaga Partners, Inc. (Arsaga Partners), Tokyu Land Corporation (Tokyu Land), NTT Corporation (NTT) and NTT DOCOMO, INC. (DOCOMO) announced today that they have agreed to jointly explore the development of groundbreaking telecommunication services using NTT’s advanced all-photonics Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN).

Tokyu Land, NTT and NTT Corporation introduced APN IOWN 1.01 to Shibuya Sakura Stage2 in December 2023, as part of the Greater Shibuya3 project, a major redevelopment in one of Japan’s leading entertainment hubs, Shibuya district, Tokyo. The three companies, along with Shibuya-based company Arsaga Partners, plan to use IOWN technologies for the development of telecommunication services that will enhance daily life in the Greater Shibuya area and beyond.

The first initiative will be to use APN IOWN 1.0 for a remote conferencing system called Secure Hotline Powered by IOWN. The development of the new remote conferencing service started in response to companies that participated in IOWN WEEK, who expressed a need for a service that takes full advantage of APN IOWN 1.0’s exceptionally low latency and zero jitter4 characteristics, enabling users to hold meetings with partners in remote locations as if they were all face-to-face.

This service aims to achieve a sophisticated user interface and state-of-the-art user experiences. Initial setup and call operation will be intuitive and easy, allowing users to communicate smoothly and effortlessly based on a user-friendly design.

A secure environment using IOWN’s dedicated lines for remote communication aims to ensure robust security for confidential meetings involving corporate strategy, non-public information, stock-related information, and the like.

Arsaga Partners has been committed to advancing towards a digitally transformed society by expanding its business as a consulting and development partner in Shibuya since its establishment. With the recent relocation of its office to Shibuya Sakura Stage6, a building with APN IOWN 1.0 implemented, Arsaga Partners will continue to provide users valuable innovations taking advantages of the APN IOWN 1.0’s innovative network features.

Tokyu Land Corporation has adopted Environmental management as the company-wide policy, aiming to expand its business with the concern towards environment as a starting point. In addition to promoting its renewable energy business, which is one of the largest in Japan, the company completed the switchover to 100% renewable energy for all of its 244 facilities7, including office buildings and commercial facilities, in December 2022, and working on address environmental issues through its business activities such as biodiversity conservation through urban greening.

NTT Corporation and DOCOMO, has adopted IOWN as a fundamental tool for the realization of an inclusive and sustainable society. Therefore, focusing on a R&D of network and information processing infrastructure including terminals to provide high-speed, high-capacity data transmission beyond the conventional infrastructure, by utilizing optical technology. As a result, APN IOWN 1.0 was launch in Marh 2023 and will continue developing to achieve significant reduction in power consumption through applying optoelectronic convergence devices in both network and computing.

Going forward, the four partners will continue to develop next-generation solutions for enhanced daily life supported with advanced IOWN technology.

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