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Apple, Samsung face fines for not shipping power adapters

After Apple had removed the power adapters from its retail box for smartphones, Samsung had soon followed suit as well. However, this has led to both companies facing scrutiny and fines from various governments across the globe.

As of right now, the Cupertino based giant is facing additional fines in Brazil for not shipping their new iPhones with a charger. The brand has stated that the move to remove the power adapter is basically reducing its yearly carbon emission by 2 million metric tons thanks to smaller packaging, which leaks to more boxes in a single shipping pallet. But, it also benefits the company since it does not have to ship power adapters and EarPods, while it also saves on shipping costs as well.

In a similar fashion, Samsung also made the same shift with its flagship smartphones. However, a judge in Brazil ordered the Apple to reimburse a consumer the equivalent of 1,081 US Dollars since not shipping the power brick violates the consumer laws of the company. Thus, the South Korean company also faced a fine for not including a charger. Furthermore, both companies are also being charged in Sao Paulo as well, by the consumer protection agency called Procon.

The Procon in Fortaleza has levied a fine of 5.2 million US Dolars. However, it is unknown if that figure is individual or combined. Since the company made the decision to remove the charger from the box, Apple is believed to have saved more than 6.5 billion US Dollars in shipping and more. However, both brands are still facing more than 900 Procons across Brazil that may soon open an administrative proceedings against the two tech giants. Gizmochina

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