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AI-powered no-code,low-code solutions to disrupt enterprise software

New analysis from Omdia’s Universe on enterprise no code low code (NCLC) solutions shows the growth of the NCLC solutions market is driven by the need to overcome application development bottlenecks, and as the market shows huge growth it is being disrupted by new capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) that improve the man-machine interface, making coding virtual assistants a powerful approach to development and exploiting the latest advances in generative AI and large language models (LLMs) trained for coding.

Application development, especially for external, customer facing requirements, often mission critical, is typically the responsibility of the central IT department within the organization. With finite resources, this process often leads to a backlog so that lines of business (LOB) and departments have to chase IT. It also creates an even longer backlog for internal applications. This is where NCLC enables LOB, power users, and anyone in the organization to build enterprise grade applications at speed and with high quality. The high degree of automation in NCLC ensures that applications are built to high standards and the automation increases quality by eliminating human error. NCLC breaks the application production bottleneck and frees the organization to work at the speed it needs to capture market opportunities in a timely manner.

Figure 1 The Omdia Universe for no code low code solutions 2023-24

Discussing the new report, Chief Analyst in Omdia’s Cloud Native Computing Practice Michael Azoff said: “Against the surge in popularity of NCLC solutions the market has become disrupted by AI technology that exploits the latest generative AI and LLM capabilities that OpenAI unleashed with ChatGPT on 30 Nov 2022. The latest LLMs reveal a level of competence that despite some limitations, is a technology ready for the enterprise market – this is where vendor curated LLMs can make a difference, reducing risk of harm.”

The vendor positioning in the Omdia Universe on NCLC Solutions 2023-24 is shown in Figure 1. For a full market analysis and deep vendor product profiles and analysis the report is available from Omdia. Omdia

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