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Zuckerberg announces new WhatsApp feature Chat Lock

WhatsApp has announced the launch of a feature called Chat Lock, aimed at fortifying the privacy of users’ conversations. With an extra layer of security, this addition empowers individuals with enhanced control over their most sensitive chats.

Chat Lock, the latest offering from WhatsApp, addresses the growing concern surrounding digital privacy. This new feature will extract locked chats from the inbox and securely store them in a designated folder, only accessible through the user’s device password or biometric authentication, such as a trusted fingerprint.

In addition, Chat Lock discreetly conceals the contents of protected chats, preventing intrusive notifications from revealing any sensitive information.

This feature is particularly designed to cater to real-life scenarios where individuals may share their phones with family members or find themselves in situations where others may have access to their devices.

How to lock chats
With a simple tap on the name of a one-to-one or group chat, users can activate the lock option. To access these locked chats, users only need to pull down on their inbox and enter their phone password or provide authorized biometric authentication when prompted.

WhatsApp is committed to continuously enhancing Chat Lock’s capabilities to further protect companion devices.

In the coming months, users can expect the rollout of additional options, including the ability to create custom passwords for each conversation, ensuring a unique passphrase distinct from their phone’s security measures. BusinessToday

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