ZTE Takes The Lead In Completing IMT-2020 Third Phase 5G Core Network Test

ZTE Corporation a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, completed the IMT-2020 third phase 5G test for core network performance stability and security function, fully verifying the maturity of ZTE’s 5G core network.

ZTE’s latest version of 5GC is developed in compliance with 3GPP R15. By adopting SBA, micro-service and network slicing, ZTE 5GC can achieve flexible and agile service innovation. By means of stateless design (the separation of service logic and data), ZTE 5GC improves service reliability and user experiences. Moreover, flexible service orchestration enables network deployment in minutes.

This third phase test focuses on the performance stability and security function of a core network. The performance test includes the performance of NFVI platform, service performance of 5GC VNFs with single/multi-VM deployment, and the capacity and stability of the whole system. The security function test focuses on terminal identity management as well as the security service procedure during registration and mobility. ZTE 5GC successfully passes all the test cases, fully proving its maturity.

“ZTE will actively support and cooperate with Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to help the 5G industry grow mature and embrace the arrival of the 5G era,” said Liu Jianhua, general manager of ZTE’s Telecom Cloud and Core Network Products.―CT Bureau

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