ZTE India Announces IPTV, FTTH Service In Collaboration With Fastway Transmissions

ZTE India announced its collaboration with Fastway Transmission, an MSO in North India, to rollout an IPTV and FTTH network. Fastway Transmissions and its broadband arm Netplus are already offering internet and cable TV services to its consumers in 163 cities across North India and the alliance would facilitate network upgrade.

The IPTV or Internet Protocol television enables the delivery of television content over internet protocol networks instead of transmitting over traditional terrestrial, satellite, or cable television formats.

ZTE says that the IPTV service will enable consumers to enjoy a host of advanced services like 7-day catch –up TV, Video on Demand, play-pause-rewind, High-Speed Gaming, which is already available to millions of IPTV consumers across the globe. ZTE’s XGPON platform will aim to make true High-Speed Internet Service a reality in India to enable the consumers here to enjoy the same services.

Fastway Transmissions Group CEO Mr Prem Ojha said that Notably, Netplus Broadband is not going to be a standalone broadband internet service provider, Instead, The entire plan will consist of FTTH broadband services, IPTV, OTT & Voice Services along with smart home solutions.

All these services which Netplus will be offering to its users will be driven on FTTH Fiber and will be available in states of North India only. This alliance would facilitate network upgrade for offering speeds up to 1Gbps in the broadband segment alongside providing IPTV & many smart home solutions to the users.―Indian Express

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