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ZTE, China Telecom develop 5G-A blueprint for smart parks

ZTE in collaboration with China Telecom’s Shanghai Branch, has utilized 5G-A technology to develop a blueprint for smart parks.

This initiative seamlessly integrates technology, nature, and humanistic sentiment, ushering in a new era of urban development.

AR Experiences: A New Era of City Park Exploration
City parks are no longer just places for leisurely strolls, they have become popular destinations for exploration and relaxation. The traditional activity of visiting city parks has been revitalized by the rise in popularity of augmented reality (AR) park tours. Imagine virtual elements blending with real scenic spots, where you can follow an AR guide to discover the secrets of uncommon plants or embark on a treasure hunt adventure, immersing yourself in a magical journey.

A technology, this experience delivers vivid images, videos, and 3D models at incredible speeds of up to 6Gbps+. It enables seamlessly transition between reality and fantasy in every corner of the park. AR guides can also enhance experiences in science museums and historical museums by transcending the boundaries of time, allowing visitors to experience the future and touch history.

Popular Activities: Seamless Connectivity
Parks come alive with vivid activities like cherry blossom festivals, starry-sky camping evenings, and bustling weekend markets. The introduction of 5G-A 10Gbps CampSite has eliminated network congestion in densely populated areas. With an incredible network capacity surpassing 25Gbps, these stations create an information superhighway. Every photo of blooming cherry blossoms and every live stream under the stars can be instantly shared, enabling people to capture and share the joy of the moment seamlessly.

Cable-free Live Streaming: Preserving the Authenticity of Night Shows
Shanghai transforms parks, rooftops, and waterfronts into stages for colorful entertainment during its Summer Night Life Festival. With 5G-A technology’s ultra-low latency and high reliability, live broadcasting is liberated from cable limitations. Cameramen for Live TV broadcasting are free to move around and capture exciting moments without being tethered. Real-time transmission of ultra-high-definition, lightly compressed video via 5G-A enables seamless switching between horizontal and vertical live streams, bringing the warmth and romance of vibrant nights to viewers at home.

As Century Park adopts an “open greening” policy with 7×24 access, enhanced security and emergency response capabilities are crucial. The park has strengthened its smart surveillance systems by introducing drone security patrols in collaboration with China Telecom’s Shanghai Branch. Overcoming challenges in low-altitude communication, the innovative Cluster-DRS+ solution enables real-time transmission of high-definition patrol videos. This extends existing 5G coverage from ground level to an altitude of 300 meters, ensuring a stable uplink speed of 50Mbps. Shared 5G network resources via a virtual private network guarantee ultra-stable performance for drones.

During MWC Shanghai 2024, China Telecom’s Shanghai Branch, ZTE, and Antwork Technology will be showcasing drone delivery services within the park. These services offer on-demand orders, precise navigation, meter-level positioning, and accurate drops. Drones act as “aerial couriers,” facilitating food deliveries and potentially emergency medical service, introducing innovative service possibilities to smart city parks.

5G-A ISAC: Ensuring Low-Altitude Security
In addition to low-altitude smart networks, 5G-A ISAC base stations have been deployed in Century Park as ‘low-altitude navigation towers’ for drone operations. Leveraging 5G-A’s high-precision sensing capabilities and native-AI computing power, it facilitates route planning for drone patrols and deliveries, providing round-the-clock path tracking and navigation assistance.

Personal drones, popular among tech enthusiasts for flight test and aerial photography, add a new dimension to the park’s skyline but pose management challenges, especially during major events with strict low-altitude control zones. 5G-A’s integrated sensing dynamically sets electronic no-fly zones, monitors real-time low-altitude conditions, alerts upon unauthorized drone entry, and triggers ‘Radar-vision Fusion’ cameras for tracking and identification. This ensures flexible and precise aerial security control in city parks.

Moving forward, smart city parks blend the beauty of nature with the wisdom of modern living, offering visitors a harmonious and enriching experience. The magic of technology unfolds in these parks, ushering in a new era of connectivity and enjoyment. The Fastmode

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