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Zoom responds to Government of India’s advisory

In response to the Government of India deeming it ‘unsafe’ for public use, US-based video conferencing platform Zoom has come up and assured users that it takes their security extremely seriously. The Government of India, while calling it not safe for use, had issued a detailed advisory on how to secure Zoom calls amid the ongoing Coronavirus crisis on Thursday.

A Zoom spokesperson said, in an email statement given out to the Financial Express Online that, “a large number of global institutions ranging from the world’s largest financial services companies and telecommunications providers, to non-governmental organisations and government agencies, have done exhaustive security reviews of our user, network and datacenter layers,” and that “they continue to use Zoom for most or all of their unified communications needs.”

“Zoom takes user security extremely seriously,” the spokesperson said.

Note that the Government of India hasn’t banned Zoom in the country, though Government officials as well as those who may use it for work purposes, have been barred from video calling/conferencing through Zoom largely. The general public can still continue to use Zoom, like before, though the Government doesn’t necessarily advise them to do that. In case they still want to use Zoom, here’s everything they can do to secure their Zoom calls, as per the Government’s advisory.

The Government’s advisory came just days after the country’s nodal cyber security agency, CERT-In, raised an alarm about how Zoom was prone to cyberattacks. It is yet to be seen if Zoom’s response to the MHA’s advisory will be enough to curtail the damage. India is not the only country that has raised red flags about using Zoom. Zoom’s security woes have led to several other countries taking up its case — that in addition to multiple organizations, companies, and schools outright banning or limiting its use globally.

In other news, the Government of India has kicked off an innovative challenge to build India’s own Zoom rival video conferencing platform.

―Financial Express

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