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Zain provides mobile phone subscriptions in sign language

Zain’s operation in Jordan has made mobile phone subscriptions accessible via sign language for customers with hearing and visual impairments, in a step that is the first of its kind in the region to provide this service.

Zain customers in Jordan who may be visually impaired, blind, hearing impaired, or deaf, will be able to view contracts and understand their terms through an audio-visual video available by scanning a QR Code located in Zain showrooms across the Kingdom. In the near-future, this service will make it easier for customers to identify all the terms and conditions translated into sign language at any time.

Zain has decided to position the introduction and development of disability issues for its customers and within the workplace as a priority task that is part of its Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) vision, by creating the ‘We Able’ disability inclusive program to meet the needs of all segments of society and is working with organizations and partners who are experts in this field to further strengthen this new strategy. The company is also committed to adopting harnessing technology tools for persons with disabilities, thereby reducing inequalities as stated in the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

DEI initiatives under the ‘WeAble’ program across Zain’s operations:

  • Creation of a sign language digital library for four countries specific sign language, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, and Iraq, aiming to create more sign languages to cover other Zain operations. This library provides high-quality educational materials offering employee contracts in sign language, while continually training its staff in sign language, thus facilitating their bonding and communication with fellow hearing-impaired colleagues. The library also contains video lessons provided by sign language trainers and experts, and includes a detailed explanation of the vocabulary and basic expressions in sign language.
  • Training of 300 employees Groupwide on sign language
  • Zain Kuwait added accessible evacuation chair for all its offices
  • Zain Jordan added handrails for all ramps and added a new restroom with an automatic door and hosted an inclusive accessible excel training course
  • Zain Jordan the first telco in the world with a virtual translator for the deaf on its website and social media channels, using a plugin that adds sign language using interpreting 3D smart Avatars
  • In 2015, Zain Jordan launched the Basma+ line, providing complimentary minutes for video calls, as well as technical support services to the deaf and hearing impaired, responding to inquiries
  • Launch of GROW program training fresh graduates with disability to prepare them for the workplace that has seen 14 graduates join Zain since the program launch
  • Zain Bahrain launched a hotline for People with Disabilities to provide exclusive communication access and have made four retail stores wheelchair friendly, with more in progress.

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