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Yotta introduces smart cybersecurity suite Suraksha

Yotta Data Services on Wednesday launched Yotta Suraksha Smart Cybersecurity Services, a cybersecurity suite designed to protect an organisation’s digital footprint. Yotta Suraksha aims to provide defences against advanced persistent threats, vulnerabilities to internet of things devices and supply chain attacks.

According to recent reports, organisations in India experienced an average of 2,807 cyberattacks per week in Q1 of 2024—a 33% increase compared to the previous year. This has positioned India as one of the most targeted countries globally.

Yotta Suraksha delivers services such as perimeter security, threat management and application security, which can be tailored to meet specific needs, enhancing existing cybersecurity measures without requiring a complete overhaul, the company said.

“With the announcement of the Yotta Suraksha Services suite, we further reinforce this commitment to ensure organisations across the globe can dive into the digital realm with extremely reliable cybersecurity measures and preparedness,” said Sunil Gupta, co-founder and CEO, Yotta Data Services.

One of the services offered under the portfolio is Yotta Smart CSOC (Cyber Security Operations Centre). Powered by IBM QRadar, it offers protection to IT infrastructure supported by threat research and intelligence, niche domain expertise and cybersecurity consulting services.

The Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing service offers automated scanning tools to help assess potential vulnerabilities within a business network and identify potential attack points. The penetration testing components can identify weaknesses that might not be detectable with network or system scans. It also offers evidence of exploitation, enabling immediate remediation activities.

Yotta Suraksha Services also includes its own web application and API protection. According to the company, the system leverages machine learning algorithms to protect against new and existing threats, OWASP threats as well as zero-day attacks and application-level DDoS assaults. NDTV Profit

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