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XConnect launches new global HLR information services

XConnect, a Somos Company, the provider of world-class numbering intelligence solutions, has launched its Status Live and Route Live services to enable aggregators and carriers to execute high-value transactions and capture new revenue streams enriched by Home Location Register (HLR) information. With these new offerings, service providers gain the capabilities to accurately determine whether mobile phone numbers are valid, active, deactivated or switched off, to assess risk and connectivity when conducting high value transactions.

XConnect’s Status Live and Route Live services provide information based on data supplied by operators from their HLRs. Continually updated in real time, HLRs hold authoritative current information for mobile phone subscribers wherever they are located, providing accurate insights into whether a number is valid and active to determine the ability of the mobile network to deliver traffic successfully.

“HLR access by third parties has recently gone through a technical evolution, with the implementation of firewalls and policy enforcement that have solved issues of the past around security, misuse and fraud. Due to these technology advances, HLR sourced information can now be made available to enable the delivery of A2P traffic,” said Eli Katz, founder and CEO at XConnect.

Home Location Register (HLR) is a component in every Mobile Network Operator’s (MNOs) infrastructure. Unlike Mobile Number Portability (MNP) queries, HLR Lookups obtain mobile phone status and routing data from MNOs directly and in real time. By deploying Status or Route Live, XConnect’s customers gain a solution that enables them to deliver on building better efficiency, capturing a greater number of high-value interactions and keeping up with changing demands in the telecoms industry.

“Organisations that utilise HLR sourced information gain new insight to enable them to focus on uninterrupted business growth. With the launch of our Status Live and Route Live services, we are helping businesses transform the efficiency of their offerings and deliver greater quality of service to their customers. In fact, to ensure that quality, our team regularly carries out intelligent route monitoring for connectivity and coverage,” said Katz.

XConnect’s data has a track record of successfully delivering accuracy when returning queries. It delivers carrier-grade services for solving the world’s toughest numbering challenges to companies including Gamma Communications, Arelion and IDT Carrier Services as well as many leading service providers. With Status Live and Route Live, service providers can enrich customer communications to support the next phase of voice and business messaging and build trust by improving the quality of communication.

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