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Wipro unveils comprehensive framework for responsible AI implementation

Wipro has developed a multifaceted framework for responsible artificial intelligence (AI) implementation, aimed at enhancing social benefits while addressing privacy and environmental concerns, Ivana Bartoletti, Wipro’s Global Data Privacy Officer.

Bartoletti emphasised that Wipro’s framework for responsible AI revolves around four primary dimensions: privacy, societal impact, environmental responsibility, and system robustness. This approach is designed to ensure that AI technologies respect individuals’ privacy, contribute positively to society, are environmentally sustainable, and are inherently secure and trustworthy.

“Responsible AI means building trust and embracing technologies that respect people’s dignity and enhance social cohesion,” Bartoletti stated. She highlighted the importance of privacy, especially given the evolving regulatory frameworks in countries like India, which are increasingly focusing on data protection.

The framework not only adheres to current legislation, including privacy laws, consumer rights, non-discrimination statutes, and human rights protections, but also anticipates upcoming regulations, ensuring Wipro’s AI deployments remain compliant. “AI does not exist in isolation. It is subject to existing laws that already cover non-discrimination, privacy, and consumer protection,” Bartoletti said.

Discussing the practical applications of the framework, Bartoletti explained how Wipro integrates privacy-enhancing technologies into its AI systems. This includes measures like data encryption, synthetic data generation, and differential privacy techniques, which are pivotal in safeguarding data privacy amid increasing AI adoption.

Further on global AI governance challenges she said that thoughtful regulation could actually support the broader acceptance and integration of AI technologies by establishing a trusted framework that mitigates potential risks associated with AI applications.

“The challenge for AI governance in 2024 will be advancing from initial use cases to broad adoption, ensuring AI transformation is conducted responsibly at both business and global levels,” Bartoletti said. She referenced a recent international summit in South Korea, where global leaders convened to agree on foundational principles for responsible AI, highlighting the necessity for international cooperation in regulating AI technologies. Financial Express

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