WigL Wireless Technology Receives Patent From U.S. Patent Office

RCG Holdings, LLC has announced that Wireless-electric Grid LAN technology—known as WigLTM (“wiggle”)—has received the patent number and certificate from the U.S. Patent Office covering next-generation wireless charging and power developments.

The full text for patent number 9,985,465 is for systems, devices, and/or methods for managing electrical energy.

“With this patent, WigL has solidified itself as a fast-rising leader in the wireless charging technologies,” said RCG Holdings Owner/President Robert Rickard. “We are thrilled at reaching this important milestone, which gets the world closer towards bringing our revolutionary technology to the masses.”

While today’s devices normally recharge using wired energy (with a cord) or wireless near-field energy (pad recharging), WigLTM utilizes wireless far-field energy transfer with an exciting twist, by directing and receiving power along with data (that can be encrypted)—similar to how networked devices send and receive data via wireless routers or cell phone calls.

WigLTM’s utility patent covers every facet of development, including transmitters that emit a plurality of directional beams, a multi point power charger constructed to wirelessly charge or power electronic devices, smart software, converters constructed to convert electrical energy having an alternating current or direct current into wireless electrical energy, a base band processor, a radio frequency processor, and more.

As initially shared in February, when RCG Holdings made its first public announcement of the technology, WigLTM seeks to disrupt the cord and battery-dependent electronics industry by providing smart, targeted electrical power to devices on a constant basis, allowing for plentiful charging and perpetual recharging.

In a household, this technology will manifest by repurposing AC outlets as WigLTM LAN routers or personal area networks (PANs) where individual WigLTM devices can receive a smart power signal.

“No plugs, no cords, no having to remember to charge, and completely mobile within range of the P2P or P2MP transmitter. Instant, steerable, targeted power distribution throughout your personal spaces, home or office,” Rickard said.

As demand for wireless charging technology continues its rapid growth–particularly in the area of personal electronics–WigL presents a stronger, farther-reaching solution that has the potential to fundamentally change the way we live, work and play.

WigL, Wigl, Wi-GL, and the Wireless Electrical Grid LAN are trademarked and patented in the United States (#9,985,465), all rights reserved. For more information about WigL licensing, Utility Patent information and various engagement options, contact RCG Holdings at r.rickard(at) – PR Web

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