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Why Every Enterprise Needs a Softphone?

With over 80 percent of corporations using unified communications, it is no surprise that softphones have a growing market. Softphone essentially shifts desk phone functionalities to smartphone or desktop computer. This means that a user can place calls and receive them through the extended communication endpoints. Furthermore, it offers additional features such as video calling, using the smartphone or desktop computer hardware.

Apart from being clutter free and efficient, softphones have following benefits:

Unbounded reachability. Reduce call cost while travelling to another state or country. Convert a laptop/smartphone into a user endpoint. Hold audio conferences with team members across the globe. Softphones require only a device and the setup API.

Low cost of procurement. Most of the established businesses already have a communication system in place.

Integrated data. Integration with corporate directory enables quick communication.

Notifications. It sends call logs and incoming call pop-up notifications for customer convenience. Furthermore, this enforces prompt response and, in turn, increase in productivity.

Integration. All contacts are stored in one location with Corporate Global Directory integration for easy access. No need to save each contact in smartphone; Moreover, group contacts, and drag-and-drop conference for meetings are also features that this solution offers.

Reachability. Contact anyone from anywhere at any time. It enables quick decision making with enhanced team engagement. Mobile charges may be reduced through desktop computer extension while outside the state or the country.

Ease of Use. One-touch access to extension numbers with 1000 direct station selection keys. It gives real-time status of colleagues with 600 busy lamps field keys.

Intuitive Interface. Search or dial contact name or extension directly from the search pad. Intuitive graphics and design are provided for a user-friendly experience. Users can personalize their interface by marking favorite contacts and contact grouping for quick connectivity.

With all these benefits and much more, Matrix VARTA is the perfect softphone solution for business communications.

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