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Well done Luca!

As Apple flirts with the $2 trillion market cap, let’s look at who made the largest contribution to hitting that landmark. Was it Steve Jobs? Tim Cook? Jonathan Ive?

There is 1 person who played a big role in Apple’s $2 trillion milestone. And it’s not any of the usual suspects.

That man is Luca Maestri, current CFO of Apple. He joined Apple in 2013, and took over as CFO and 2014. And scripted probably the greatest investment story in the history of humanity.

Luca Maestri followed a very simple strategy – buy back Apple shares. On and on. And the results are staggering, beyond you can imagine.

Apple has purchased 2.5 billion shares, paying $450 billion. And the shares he has purchased, would be today worth $1.125 Trillion. That means the “profit” from the share buyback, is $675 billion!!

One of the things people say about GM, is that it is a big pension fund, with a car company attached.

Luca Maestri is making Apple into the best investment fund on the planet, with the best computer, phone, wearables, and services business attached to it.

How sustainable is this? That is the trillion-dollar question.
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