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Vorboss sets a new standard with industry-first 100Gbps product

Vorboss, London’s only dedicated enterprise fibre network, launches the city’s first and only off-the-shelf 100Gbps product to power London’s most ambitious businesses, spearheading a new standard for the telecommunications sector. This industry-first product removes bandwidth constraints for London’s most data-hungry businesses, powering their growth and boosting London’s economy.

Vorboss provides customers with 100Gbps for £2,999 a month, a market-leading price, guaranteed for the lifetime of the contract and with no installation fees. Vorboss owns its network end to end and operates entirely in-house, removing the need for brokers, wholesalers and resellers who use confusing pricing structures. This means that, unlike other providers which often have hidden uplifts and charges in their contracts, they can work directly with customers to offer a simple, transparent and competitively priced product.

“No other provider is prepared to publish a price for 100Gbps – if they’re even able to provide it. Our mission is to bring transparency to London’s businesses. Today we’re announcing a fixed price for 100Gbps, already delivered to pilot customers. We’re raising the bar for connectivity in London, and removing bandwidth constraints for the most demanding businesses,” said Tim Creswick, Vorboss Founder and CEO.

Unrivalled in scale and quality, Vorboss is investing over £250 million to build London’s only full-coverage fibre network dedicated to businesses. It maintains complete ownership of the over 500 km of fibre optic cables it has installed in London since 2019. The way that Vorboss has designed, built and maintained its network means that they have developed an efficient way to connect new customers to 100Gbps, while also ramping up existing connections to this service. Customers deal directly with the engineers that built the network, and can deliver installations and bandwidth upgrades within days, not months.

“Owning our product end to end means that we install and maintain the connection for our customers, ensuring rapid service, market-leading price points and the quickest fibre upgrades in the industry,” said Creswick. “We are completely committed to working in partnership with our customers by offering a simple, seamless and transparent solution to their connectivity needs.”

Right now, the majority of London businesses are reliant on legacy Openreach infrastructure, which is hampering growth. Over the last decade, the reliance on technology and the shift towards cloud-based infrastructure has increased dependency and bandwidth demands which other fibre network providers cannot support. Superior connectivity will secure London’s position on the global stage while unlocking significant asset value in its office buildings.

100Gbps will allow businesses and office spaces to handle higher traffic volume, greater upload and download speeds, and a smoother integration of AI across industries. Enhanced connectivity makes any building a more attractive place for companies to work, giving landlords a strong case for leasing. Due to its exceptional product offering and ability to connect buildings, rather than just tenants, Vorboss helped 22 Bishopsgate to secure WiredScore Platinum accreditation, the highest possible stamp of approval.

“Understanding the needs of London’s businesses means having an awareness that one size will not fit all. Our entry product of 10Gbps is the minimum sensible offering for any business. While the rest of the industry is only now catching up with that need, we have been looking ahead and building capacity to support the most data-intensive customers. We are the first to market with 100Gbps. Our ambitions mirror that of the businesses we support,” said Humza Bobat, Head of Network Infrastructure.

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