Vodafone uses IoT Tech to Alleviate Malnutrition in Africa

Vodafone has joined forces with Sanku to rollout IoT technology to 3,000 small flour mills across Africa, to provide nutritious, fortified flour to millions of people across the continent.

Sanku will equip each of the mills with real time, data driven insights, leveraging Vodafone’s global IoT SIM and USB Connect technology. In using Vodafone’s equipment, Sanku will be able to roll the initiative out at scale and increase its reach exponentially.

Sanku has created a new technology, known as a “dosifier”, which enables small flour mills to add key nutrients to the standard flour they produce.

Previously, one Sanku employee was required to monitor every 25 mills – which produced enough flour to feed 125,000 people. By using Vodafone’s IoT Sim, one employee is now able to monitor 100 mills, producing enough flour for 500,000 people.

“Our project with Sanku is a perfect example of how the Internet of Things can improve people’s lives and help make a difference in even the poorest of communities. Connected technology gives Sanku the ability to significantly enhance efficiencies, enabling fortified flour to be delivered to more communities, playing an important role in helping to end malnutrition,” said Vodafone Group Enterprise chief executive, Brian Humphries. – Total Telecom

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