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Virgin Media O2 customers get double data and speed boost for no extra cost

New research from Virgin Media O2 reveals that almost a third (29%) of frustrated Brits have experienced running out of their monthly mobile data. Luckily, for those data hungry households who want more bang for their buck, Virgin Media O2 is offering a helping hand by giving customers who have services with both brands extra perks at no extra cost.

Both new and existing customers who take Virgin Media broadband and O2 mobile services can get double data on their O2 plan as well as a broadband speed boost to the next available tier. Plus, they’ll get Virgin Media’s market-leading WiFi guarantee included within their bundle – all at no extra cost.

The research also showed that 78% of Brits would feel more confident in their broadband service if their provider offered a money back WiFi guarantee, enabling them to game, stream and download in every room without fear of their broadband running slow. As part of Virgin Media O2’s ‘Volt’ offering, customers can save £8 per month and will get extra peace of mind with Virgin Media’s WiFi guarantee, which offers minimum download speeds of 30Mbps in every room or £100 credit back.

Following Virgin Media and O2 joining forces in 2021, Virgin Media and O2 customers can supercharge their services and reap extra rewards simply by being customers of both brands.

The company’s best of both offering, Volt, is available to new and existing customers who take services from both Virgin Media and O2. Available exclusively to households with ANY Virgin Media broadband package and an eligible O2 Pay Monthly mobile plan, customers can enjoy extra value without paying a penny more.

Both Virgin Media and O2 customers can also access Priority from O2 to enjoy exclusive perks and experiences, including cinema tickets, daily treats and even access to exclusive gigs with the hottest music artists.

Those new to either Virgin Media or O2 will be able to upgrade to Volt when they add relevant services to their connectivity line-up. For example, if they already have Virgin Media, they just need to add an O2 Pay Monthly plan, while existing customers of both Virgin Media and O2 simply need to enrol via MyO2 to get their services supercharged – at no additional cost.

Exclusive Volt benefits include:

  • A broadband speed boost to the next available tier (e.g. 125Mbps boosted to 250Mbps)
  • Double mobile data for all members of the household on an eligible O2 Pay Monthly plan (e.g. 10GB boosted to 20GB)
  • The UK’s fastest WiFi guarantee which promises minimum download speeds of 30Mbps in every room or £100 back. More information on Virgin Media O2’s market leading WiFi guarantee can be found here: Virgin Media O2 boosts its WiFi guarantee to 30Mbps at no extra cost – Virgin Media O2)
  • Roaming in 75 countries including 40+ EU destinations, USA, Australia and Spain with O2 Travel

Gareth Turpin, Chief Commercial Officer, at Virgin Media O2 said: “We created Volt with the aim to bring the best of Virgin Media’s connectivity together with O2’s mobile network to give our customers the ultimate connectivity and entertainment experience. Since launching, we’ve boosted broadband speeds and mobile data for more than a million customers, offering them enhanced products on top including our enhanced WiFi guarantee to ensure customers get at least 30Mbps in every room or their money back. With Volt, customers also get access to a huge range of exclusive perks and regards via Priority from O2 including access to live events 48 hours in advance of general sale.”

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