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ViewSonic Launches MyViewBoard Digital Whiteboard Solution In India

ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solution products, introduces the ViewSonic myViewBoard solution. To address the limited content forms, layout, and interactive distance associated with traditional whiteboards, ViewSonic myViewBoard provides multiple users a wide array of annotating pens, painting tools, sticky notes, and media file types on unlimited pages to enable engaging content creation. It works on interactive flat panels, such as ViewSonic ViewBoard, and mobile devices to merge the physical and virtual space with on-site touch and online interactive technologies.

“There are a great number of people who still use whiteboards and chalkboards even in this digital era. While there is no harm in using these boards, but it is very important to adapt to the technology especially because there are certain limitations when it comes to the traditional boards”, said Mr Eric Wei, Sr. Sales Director, ViewSonic – Asia Pacific. “ViewSonic’s myViewBoard provides a user-friendly and systematic approach to the presentations and helps avoid mess on the board. People in the education sector or in business now have an opportunity to give traditional boards a much-needed halt.”

myViewBoard along with a Windows 10 Pro based PC gives users the ability to use myViewBoard on their smart phones, tablets, notebooks, and large format interactive flat panels, while also allowing multiple participants to connect via the internet and share the same screen simultaneously from the same room or anywhere else in the world. The host only needs to download and activate the myViewBoard for Windows whiteboard app* from on a Chrome browser. For participants, simply logging in to the website allows them to begin sharing content.

A wide variety of rich annotation tools including writing, drawing, and multimedia tools are at your disposal for expressing even the most out of the box ideas. Dragging Google Images and YouTube videos onto the board is possible as well and hosts can easily capture and record screen images and annotations in the middle of a discussion directly from the app. Additional annotation tools include an array of pens, painting tools, polygons, recording and other widgets that can be used to reinforce messages, highlight key points, etc. myViewBoard supports popular document audio, image, and video formats including pptx, docx, pdf, iwb, png, jpeg, wmv, mp4, and more.

With on-the-go presentations in mind, ViewSonic’s myViewBoard allows users to enable and disable cloud storage with Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, and Box when opening the myViewBoard for Windows whiteboard app. All saved files are stored as an editable document or images.

E-safety is also a high priority focused area for myViewBoard, which is powered by Amazon Web Services to ensure enterprise-grade security. myViewBoard solutions include the myViewBoard native app (myViewBoard for Windows) for Windows 10 enabled host PCs and the myViewBoard web app ( for any client device with a Chrome Browser. myViewBoard for Android will also be launching soon.

myViewBoard can be customized for a convenient personalized whiteboarding experience. Once a user logs in to with their user ID, the “Follow Me AI” will load their own personalized tool settings and access their team’s shared cloud storage. Users also have the ability to control presentations remotely on “myViewBoard for Windows” via the myViewBoad for Android or myViewBoard™ for iOS companion app. – Digit In

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