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Vida launches AI voice agent platform for telecoms

On the heels of this announcement, Vida also secured a US$3 million seed round led by Stillmark to accelerate the deployment of its AI voice solutions.

“We are excited to introduce Vida AI voice agents enabling telecom network providers to give their SMB customers enterprise-level AI technology. Vida’s agents can help businesses of any size improve service quality and efficiency at the same time,” said Vida CEO Lyle Pratt.

“Our AI agents not only integrate seamlessly with existing telecom solutions but require minimal expertise to set up, allowing SMBs easy access to technology that would have otherwise seemed beyond their reach.”

Created by telecom industry veterans, Vida operates its proprietary voice stack that integrates with existing telecom networks and business phone systems over SIP for smooth deployment. The Vida conversation experience is built on AI technology, powered by a combination of LLMs from OpenAI, Meta, Anthropic and Mistral. Premium text-to-speech and powerful LLMs enable real-time conversations with low latency. Vida’s AI voice agents are lifelike and can be customized based on a user’s own voice.

Vida is also releasing its API that enables telecom service providers to enhance their services with advanced AI voice agent technology. By connecting with platforms like Netsapiens, BroadSoft, and Metaswitch, Vida simplifies deployment for SMBs, making AI capabilities more accessible and easier to implement.

Additionally, Vida voice agents integrate with over 7,000 apps. Vida’s integration capabilities add to the deeper functionality and versatility of its AI agents that can be set up to work within a specific industry’s or company’s tools and systems. IT Wire

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