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Verizon Could Launch 5G in 2019 – Great News for Ethereum Classic (ETC) Investors!

A few days ago, Motorola announce the launch of the Moto Z3 phone, a phone that will use Verizon’s 5G network starting in 2019. This is a clear signal that Verizon, will most likely be rolling out the 5G network next year. It follows closely in the steps of several other companies including T-Mobile, which has also announced a similar roll-out in 2019. You are probably wondering, what has 5G got to do with Ethereum Classic (ETC), right?

Well, the connection lies in the application of 5G in making IoT a reality. For IoT to work, it needs a continuous and smooth flow of data, and that’s exactly what 5G delivers. For instance, without a continuous and fast flow of data, it would be impossible for autonomous cars to function effectively. In essence, the 5G network is critical for the growth of IoT, a market that Ethereum Classic is aiming to revolutionize.

The Ethereum Classic (ETC) team has made it clear that they want Ethereum Classic to go big in the IoT space. That’s why part of the roadmap is to develop native sidechains to help with the scalability in the IoT space.  Ethereum classic (ETC) is also highly secure, and decentralized, two critical features for integrity in communication in the IoT space.  In essence, Ethereum Classic is fully prepared for IoT and all that is remaining is for the infrastructure for IoT to roll-out and make it a reality, and this looks set to happen in 2019. Once the big networks such as Verizon roll out 5G, there will be an explosion of smart devices in the market, and with that, Ethereum Classic will see its adoption in this market grow significantly.

So far Ethereum Classic (ETC) is the front-runner in this landscape. Other players that are likely to compete with it are still a work-in-progress. For instance, IOTA (MIOTA) which is also targeting the same market is way behind ETC. It’s only recently that they launched a smart contracts platform. IOTA is also way off from achieving complete decentralization, a key factor that will play a role in the adoption of blockchain technology in the IoT space.  Therefore, it’s not far-fetched to postulate that as early as 2019, we could see an explosion of IoT devices that are running on the ETC blockchain.

For Ethereum Classic (ETC) investors, this is just one of the many reasons to hold on to their ETC investments. That’s because once the ETC blockchain goes big in IoT, the value of this crypto will skyrocket. That’s not forgetting that Ethereum Classic has other use-cases in different industries too. For instance, its immutability makes it the perfect blockchain for the writing of financial smart contracts, and it will be adopted in that space too.  It won’t be surprising if Ethereum Classic (ETC) closes the year 2019 at $100 or higher.  It’s taking aim at industries of the future, industries that will could produce trillion dollar applications in the 2020s. – Crypto Globalist

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