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US steel to use Google cloud’s AI to improve operation

United States Steel Corporation and Google Cloud announced a new collaboration to build applications using Google Cloud’s generative artificial intelligence technology to help drive efficiencies and improve employee experiences in the largest iron ore mine in North America. As a leading manufacturer engaging in gen AI with Google Cloud, U.S. Steel continues to advance its more than 100-year legacy of innovation.

The first gen AI-driven application that U.S. Steel will launch is called MineMind™, which aims to simplify equipment maintenance by providing optimal solutions for mechanical problems, saving time and money, and ultimately improving productivity. Underpinned by Google Cloud’s AI technology like Document AI and Vertex AI, MineMind™ is expected to not only improve the maintenance team’s experience by more easily bringing the information they need to their fingertips, but also save costs from more efficient use of technicians’ time and better maintained trucks. The initial phase of the launch will begin in September and will impact more than 60 haul trucks at U.S. Steel’s Minnesota Ore facilities, Minntac and Keetac.

When fully operational, MineMind™ will help a U. S. Steel technician to reduce the amount of time to complete a work order by an estimated 20%. For example, the application will assist maintenance crews by guiding them through truck repairs, ordering parts and distilling complex information. The application also provides comprehensive references, providing detailed, verified source information to ensure accuracy.

“We’ve meaningfully accelerated digitization at U. S. Steel through our work with Google Cloud. Faster repair times, less down time, and more satisfying work for our techs are only some of the many benefits we expect with generative AI,” said David Burritt, president and CEO of U. S. Steel. “I’m thrilled that the U. S. Steel team is a manufacturing leader in this work.”

U.S. Steel has been utilizing innovative technologies throughout their history across its mines and mills; however, this is the Company’s first generative AI application. U.S. Steel has used machine learning, vision processing and natural language processing to reduce its energy usage and bolster the Company’s “safety first” values, among other applications.

“U.S. Steel is at the forefront of the generative AI adoption cycle,” said Michael Clark, vice President, Google Cloud, North America Regions. “Our innovative work with U.S. Steel to power operational and functional innovation with our advanced generative AI technology has the potential to not only transform manufacturing but adjacent industries – from trends and logistics, to supply chain, sustainability, process automation, and more.”

U.S. Steel will work with Google Cloud to continue building new gen AI applications, including applications providing real-time data and insights. The two companies will seek to continue to expand the relationship to solve for high-impact areas across the U.S. Steel value chain.

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