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US Lobbying Against Huawei In India: CEO Jay Chen

Huawei alleged that the US is lobbying against its business in India while the company complies with global security requirements.

“Yes. For sure the US is lobbying (against Huawei) and everybody knows. I am talking about India,” Huawei India CEO Jay Chen told reporters when asked if the US administration was lobbying against the company in India.

Chen alleged that Australian and the US laws have provisions of snooping but Chinese law does not asks for it. The Australian government has barred Huawei from participating in 5G network rollout while the US government representatives have been vocal around security threat from Huawei networks.

“In Australia, it is. Under the Australian law even equipment are required to put backdoor. For the US, even documents and personal details of other countries can be monitored. This is the answer. You can check their law,” Chen said when asked about government’s influence on companies to give access to network in emergency or war-like situation.

He denied any such legal provisions in China. “China government has given clarification. Chinese government never asks (for data or network access). Actually, Chinese law is the same as that of many countries,” Chen said.

The Indian government has not taken any stand yet to blocking Huawei, however, it has said that it is closely tracking actions of various government around security.

Chen said that the company is of the view that universal standards around security should be used. “Let’s use universal standard. Then we will have data, truth and make judgement,” Chen said.

He said that there are 12 global network security parameters and Huawei has been rated top in nine of those and above average in three parameters while rival players have been average in most of the parameters.―New Indian Express

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