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Convergence 2023

TR Dua at Convergence India 2023

Convergence India 2023 is being held in the Capital, March 27-29, 2023.

In the inaugural Panel Discussion: Incorporating Emerging Technologies into an Organization’s DNA, TR Dua, DG, Digital Infrastructure Providers Association said “Technology has always been a tremendous force challenging the status quo, from the steam engine, to the printing press and the internet. In our current evolution, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a convergence of physical, biological and digital worlds with exponential change in computational power.

We are at a tipping point with technology. A confluence of big data, quantum computing, IoT, artificial intelligence all growing at exponential rates is ushering in the next era in computing. We can now describe through natural spoken or written language what we wish technology to achieve for us without any coding. This near future requires organizations to adopt more computational ways of thinking to frame problems. The objective is to define and communicate what we want computational systems to do.

The companies who can move fastest and deliver what consumers demand will succeed. In this new world where customers constantly communicate what will meet their needs, customer experience (CX) is something that should permeate all facets of the organization, much like fiscal responsibility. Organizations that have an inherent closeness to the customer and understanding of their experiences and pain points, have the best view of WHAT value to create within the pull dynamics stream.

Technological advances are changing the way Telecom companies operate and do business. Telecom have effectively responded during COVID-19 pandemic without disruption by ensuring continuity of services 24*7 when the demand skyrocketed. They are now gearing up on a rapid scale by applying operation changes, deploying system thinking and building a resilient future.

The telecommunication sector is currently in a transformational state due to the changing customer demands and the inception of multiple disruptive technologies. The increasing competition has led telecom operators to explore new competitive strategies to gain the upper hand in the market. A few digital transformation trends are driving innovation for telcos. Like every other industry, the telecom industry is experiencing a digital shift. In fact, with the advent of the pandemic, there is an acceleration in embracing technologies like AI, IoT, 5G network, etc.

The key advantages of embracing these emerging technologies include operational agility, improved data security, enhanced customer experience, and so on. These technologies are even giving birth to new business models. Business efficiency is another area where digital transformation plays a pivotal role, and organizations can provide consumers with personalized and on-demand products/services more than ever before. The global digital transformation market size is expected to reach more than USD 1 trillion by 2025. Hence, it is a clear indication that digital transformation is the need of the hour for organizations, big or small. Although the telecom sector in India has struggled with restrictions and policy disruptions for long, the reforms taken up by the government now point toward a new era of healthy growth.”

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