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TPG Telecom becomes first Australian telco to deploy SRv6

In an Australian first, TPG Telecom has deployed a new networking technology known as SRv6 to help it more efficiently manage and direct traffic over its 5G and fixed-line networks.

Segment Routing over IPv6 (SRv6) simplifies network management by giving traffic instructions in advance, reducing the need to send data through multiple routers. By reducing the need for complex network configurations and protocols, TPG Telecom can deliver an improved experience for customers, while also driving cost savings and operational efficiency.

TPG Telecom partnered with Cisco to deploy SRv6 and is now delivering a simple, agile, and highly reliable, network experience txhat can be scaled to meet the growing data needs of retail and business customers.

The implementation of SRv6 also enhances network reliability for TPG Telecom by enabling fast and efficient traffic rerouting. This means if a link or router fails, the traffic can be redirected along an alternate path, helping to ensure services remain available while reducing service disruptions for customers.

“We are thrilled to launch Australia’s first SRv6-based transport network in collaboration with Cisco. SRv6 simplifies our network management, improves performance, enhances scalability, and increases network reliability and performance for our customers,” said Giovanni Chiarelli, TPG Telecom group chief technology officer.

“By implementing SRv6, we can deliver faster, demand driven, high-quality, low-latency connectivity services for 5G, cloud computing, IoT and beyond. This represents another industryleading innovation from TPG Telecom as we meet the ever-growing demand of our consumer and enterprise customers for reliable, fast and secure connectivity.”

The company’s fully automated SRv6 infrastructure forms a crucial part of TPG Telecom’s network automation and digital transformation strategy and will seamlessly transition the telco’s existing network to a next generation software defined network.

Karen Negus, managing director of service provider at Cisco, said: “Cisco is proud to partner with TPG Telecom to deploy a leading technology update in SRv6 to deliver an enhanced experience. By evolving their network to SRv6, TPG Telecom is at the forefront of the next phase of IP networking, focusing on simplification, automation, and meeting the needs of its customers.”

“Leveraging the capabilities provided by SRv6, powered by and in partnership with Cisco, TPG Telecom and Cisco are dedicated to creating a better network, digital experience,” Ms Negus said.

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