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Totogi’s Whoosh! to usher in a new era of A2P API innovation

Totogi, the leading innovator in public cloud-native, SaaS-based telecommunications monetization software, launches Whoosh!, a revolutionary suite of Application to Person (A2P) APIs, designed to supercharge telco enterprise revenue and relationships.

Whoosh! offers an unparalleled set of A2P APIs that serve as a plug-and-play replacement for Twilio APIs. Switching is as simple as modifying a few lines of code in the Twilio SDKs. Within seconds, existing codebases and traffic are rerouted to Totogi’s robust APIs, enriching an operator’s network. This isn’t just about technology; it’s a revenue-generating revolution. Telcos can now monetize the APIs just as Twilio does, but with the added advantage of keeping the traffic—and the profits—within their network.

Getting started with Whoosh! is a breeze. An operator begins by connecting Totogi to their network. Telco sales teams then offer Totogi APIs to enterprise IT departments. Totogi delivers the APIs, while the telco handles the connectivity, creating a unified, Twilio-beating experience. Operators pay a small percentage of the agreement to Totogi, and Totogi takes care of the rest—software development, documentation, and top-notch support.

“This is the wakeup call operators have been waiting for,” says Danielle Royston, acting CEO of Totogi. “Twilio may have won the first round, but Whoosh! levels the playing field. We offer 100% Twilio-compatible A2P APIs that make it effortless for developers to switch. It’s time for operators to seize this pivotal moment and reclaim their strategic position with enterprise customers. The future is here, and it starts with Whoosh!“

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