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Three Launches 5G Broadband Offering In Central London

U.K. mobile operator Three has launched 5G services in the country with the initial offering of a high-speed 5G broadband service in parts of London, the company said in a release.

Three said that customers in London can have access to one single 5G home broadband plan at a monthly rate of £35  ($42).

The 5G broadband services is already available in parts of Central London, such as Camden, Camberwell and Southwark.

“Three’s 5G is going to revolutionize the home broadband experience. No more paying for landline rental, no more waiting for engineers, and even a same day delivery option. It really is the straightforward plug and play broadband that customers have been waiting for,” said Dave Dyson, CEO at Three. He added, “The ease and immediacy of it all means home broadband using 5G is going to be key to the future of the connected home.”

Recently, Three announced that it will be rolling out 5G across 25 cities in the U.K. by the end of the year and that all of its 10 million customers will have access to 5G at no extra cost.

Some of the cities in which Three plans to launch 5G later this year include Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield and Sunderland.

The carrier also said that customers will be able to access 5G once they have a compatible handset and in a 5G area. Three also said that 5G coverage across the U.K. will continue to expand throughout 2020 and beyond.

Rival operators Vodafone and EE have already launched commercial 5G services in certain cities across the U.K.

Vodafone is currently offering this technology in Birkenhead, Bolton, Gatwick, Lancaster, Newbury, Plymouth, Stoke-on-Trent, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool and London.

EE had officially launched commercial 5G services in a number of U.K. cities in May. The carrier said that 5G services are initially available in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester.

EE will also be introducing 5G across the busiest parts of Bristol, Coventry, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield during the rest of the year. In 2020, Aberdeen, Bournemouth, Brighton, Cambridge, Dundee, Exeter, Ipswich, Norwich, Plymouth and York will receive 5G coverage, EE said.

Meanwhile, O2 said its 5G service will be launched in the coming months.

Last year, U.K. telcos obtained spectrum for the future provision of 5G services. Vodafone won 50 megahertz of spectrum in the 3.4GHz band after paying £378 million. BT-owned EE won 40 megahertz for which it paid £303 million. Three secured 20 megahertz of 3.4 GHz spectrum at a cost of £151.3 million, while Telefónica-owned O2 picked up 40 megahertz for £318m.―RCR Wireless News

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