These 5 Next-Generation Technologies Will Completely Change Human Lives

We are almost at the end of 2018 and 2019 is just around the corner. With each New Year, we are introduced to a fair amount of inventions and technologies. The 21st century till now has been the age of massive technological changes, where some tech innovations have been user-friendly, others are complicated which makes it hard to say whether or not it will make a difference for the people in the future. These technological changes have impacted our lives in a big way and they continue to do the same as time is passing.

A Forbes report recently listed out some transformative technologies that can change human lives over the next 10 years. This list has been curated by researchers at Lux who have looked into some of the key tech innovations that are going to change our lives over the next 10 years. Check the list below to understand more about these transformative technologies.

1. Battery fast-charging: The world is slowly and steadily becoming more and more digital. From online banking, online food ordering to electric vehicles, technical innovations are now becoming a part of our everyday lives. Battery fast-charging is one such technology that provide a number of clean energy technologies on the list. According to Forbes, it will be a key enabler for the growth of the electric vehicle market.

2. Last-mile transportation: This piece of technology will be a final link in the transport infrastructure. With the help of the last-mile transport link, commuters will be able to move seamlessly across different modes of transport.

3. Perovskite solar: This technology has the potential of making solar panels more efficient. While it has been in the labs for a long time, the Lux report suggests that in 2019 it can make a huge impact. People in the future can see a staggering reduction in the cost of solar power.

4. 5G: The fifth generation of cellular mobile communications is something that everyone should look out for in the near future. With the coming of 5G, networks will be able to handle more data and with 5G only will the Internet of Things or IoT will be able to take off in a better way.

5. Drones: In the coming times, drones will be an important role for economies around the world. They will be helpful in safety inspections, identification of crop diseases, ariel mapping and many more.

Among other technologies that people need to look for in the future are- blockchain, graphene and 2D materials, materials informatics, generative design and natural language processing. – Financial Express

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