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The C in corporates – Beyond 2020

The future of work is all about skills, dynamics and resilience. Shaping the digital transformation needs new dimensions of workplace relationships. Competencies much desired in future will be critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration. Mindset and talent will be appraised in terms of curiosity, initiative, persistence, empathy, and adaptability. The world of work has always evolved – opportunities, disruptions, and transitions. One needs to keep learning for life-long resilience. Work-life patterns and preferences are changing fast in the corporate world.

The C in corporates, beyond 2020, intends to stand for one word – Compassion.

Compassion is an exceptional dimension of excellence for any corporation that wants to make the most of its human proficiency. Compassion is the quiet power that elevates individuals and corporations. Because of its role in enhancing collective capabilities like innovation, service quality, collaboration, and adaptability, compassion matters for competitive advantage, and contributes to any corporation’s financial resilience, profitability, and customer retention. Our culture is obsessed with perfection and with hiding problems. But what a liberating thing to realize that our problems, in fact, are probably our richest sources for rising to the virtue of compassion! As the new and emerging technologies raise the plateau of productivity, the operational silos and the walls between industries are anticipated to be broken down. Corporations ought to innovate and collaborate across the ecosystems to remain relevant in a digitized world.

Self-compassion. The value of a person rests not on physical appearance, not on intellectual or athletic achievement, but on their basic, innate capacity for compassion.

To discover compassion, you need to be compassionate. To discover the capacity to give and share, you need to be giving and sharing. There is no shortcut. It reminds you to care for yourself. It is the integration of the mind made visible. In fact, studies show that people who score higher in self-compassion tend to experience increased motivation, more optimism, greater happiness, and higher life satisfaction.

Compassion and curiosity. Compassion is also curious. Compassion cultivates and practices curiosity – curiosity without assumptions. A self-compassionate mindset may facilitate higher levels of creative originality.

Interpersonal acts of compassion are generative – they produce vital and renewable resources, generate and strengthen critical values and beliefs, and cultivate critical relational skills.

Compassion as a symbolic action affirms the values of dignity and mutual respect, and the existence of common ground and common good. Compassion aligns people to shared solutions.

Compassion and communication. Compassion enhances emotional connections by improving listening skills. The mode of connecting in compassion is one of being other-focused, resulting in a fine-tuning of one’s receptors to the changed emotional and cognitive states of another person.

Compassion also develops and strengthens enabling skills of one person that allow others to be more successful at what they are doing.

Compassion and collaboration. The daily instances and expressions of compassion build, strengthen, and sustain the corporation’s capability for cooperation and to improve its collective competence in cooperating.

Compassion cultivates skills that lead to collectivist behavior, where the well-being of the group takes precedence over personal interests, and this leads to increased levels of cooperation. It contributes to the overall pattern in the quality of relationships between people in an organization’s social fabric. It is the basic social force that builds and reinforces connections between people.

In sum, compassion in corporates is interpersonal behavior that cultivates a culture where people recognize and value the interconnect, contributing to a more heightened sense of collective identity. And compassion is unleashed in wider and wider circles by signs and stories, never by statistics and strategies.

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