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The Asia Pacific region leads in 5G deployment

The Asia Pacific region has emerged as a frontrunner in the implementation of 5G technology, despite facing challenges from the global pandemic, economic conditions, and geopolitical climate. South Korea, China, and Japan have taken the lead in deploying 5G networks, with other countries in the region following suit. As a result, the Asia Pacific market is on track to become the largest 5G market globally.

Early adopters in the region, including South Korea, Australia, and China, have outperformed major European markets in terms of 5G performance. This can be attributed to factors such as early availability of spectrum and favorable government policies. However, the availability and adoption of 5G vary across the region. Factors like population density, device affordability, and tariffs influence the level of 5G availability in different markets.

Seoul and Kuala Lumpur are recognized as the top cities for 5G performance, boasting impressive median download speeds of 533.95 Mbps and 523.44 Mbps, respectively. The deployment of 5G technology in the region has also helped narrow the digital divide, as 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) emerges as a viable alternative to traditional fixed broadband.

South Korea has emerged as a leader in 5G network expansion across the region. It was the first market in the world to deploy a nationwide 5G network in April 2019. Other countries like Australia, the Philippines, China, and New Zealand have also made significant progress in 5G deployment. Analysts predict that the Asia Pacific region will be one of the largest 5G markets in the world by 2025.

The allocation of spectrum resources is crucial for the performance and coverage of 5G networks. Regulators in the Asia Pacific region have been proactive in allocating spectrum for 5G applications, with the mid-band spectrum being the most frequently awarded. While low-band frequencies provide wider outdoor coverage, they may result in lower download speeds. Some markets have imposed strict milestones and requirements for 5G spectrum awards, ensuring that operators meet specific targets for base station installations.

In terms of performance, early 5G adopters in the Asia Pacific region have outpaced major European markets. Malaysia and South Korea have achieved impressive median download speeds of over 500 Mbps, surpassing the speeds recorded in top European economies. The availability and adoption of 5G also vary across the region, with Hong Kong leading with a 5G availability rate of 42.3%.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and economic conditions, the Asia Pacific region has demonstrated significant progress in 5G deployment. With continued support from governments and advancements in technology, the region is poised to dominate the global 5G market. ISP

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