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Thailand smartphone market dips 13% in 2023 to 14.4 million units

According to the International Data Corporation ’s (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, Thailand’s smartphone market shipped 14.4 million units in 2023 marking a 13% Year-on-Year (YoY) decline. 1H23 saw a steep 19% drop in shipments, while 2H23 only saw a 6% decline. The market shipped 3.7 million units in 4Q23, declining by 12% YoY due to poorer demand in the low-end to mid-range segments.

Macroeconomic conditions contributed to the decline in shipments as the economy experienced lackluster growth in 2023, falling below forecasts. Inflationary pressures were particularly strong in 1H23 while exports and public spending contracted in 2H23.

The entry-level smartphone segment (<US$200) shrank to 55% of the market, down from 59% the year before. On the other hand, the premium segment (US$1,000+) increased in share to 12% compared to 10% the year before, driven by strong shipments of Apple and Samsung’s flagship phones. The mid-range (US$200<US$400) also grew to 20% share of the market compared to 17% the year before, particularly driven by growth from Samsung, OPPO and Xiaomi in this segment. The Average Selling Price (ASP) of the total market was US$363, rising 10% in 2023.

The share of 5G smartphones increased to 43%, up from 35% in 2022, driven by a wider availability of 5G Android models in the lower-end to mid-range segments as well as increased shipments in the premium segments for both Android and iOS.

Key highlights for 2023:

  • 14.4 million smartphones were shipped in 2023, clocking a 13% annual decline.
  • There was 8% YoY growth in the premium segment (US$1,000+). Apple was the dominant player in this segment with 77% share, slightly down from 79% in 2022 as Samsung increased its share in the segment with the Galaxy S and Galaxy Z Fold series.
  • Samsung’s ASP grew 28% to US$365, which was the highest growth for all major brands.
  • The low-end segment (US$100<US$200) saw a 23% YoY decline and decreased in share from 49% to 44% of the market.
  • 6.2 million 5G smartphones were shipped in 2023, increasing by 8% compared to 2022.

“IDC expects a slight growth in 2024 as the market begins its road to recovery after two years of decline with consumer confidence gradually bouncing back in recent months. Continuous growth is anticipated in the premium market segment as AI capabilities and novel features in the latest flagship phones appeal to a growing base of consumers who are less price conscious,” said Apirat Ratanavichit, Research Analyst at IDC Thailand.

Thailand Smartphone Market, Top 5 Companies, Shipments in Millions, Market Share, Year-over-Year Growth, 2023

Company 2023



Market Share

2022 Shipments 2022

Market Share

YoY Growth
1. Samsung 2.8 19.7% 4.0 24.0% -28.2%
2. OPPO 2.8 19.6% 3.0 18.0% -4.9%
3. Apple 2.5 17.6% 2.4 14.5% 6.4%
4. Xiaomi 2.1 14.2% 2.1 12.6% -1.7%
5. vivo 1.5 10.2% 2.3 13.6% -34.4%
Others 2.7 18.7% 2.9 17.4% -6.2%
Total 14.4 100.0% 16.5 100.0% -12.7%


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