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TELUS deploys 3500 MHz 5G spectrum in Canada

TELUS is deploying new 3500 MHz spectrum on its next-generation 5G wireless network to further support the country’s economic growth and competitiveness, bringing enhanced capacity, low latency and even faster speeds to TELUS customers in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton and Victoria, as part of its larger $220 billion investment in network infrastructure and operations in Canada since 2000. With the rollout of the 3500 MHz spectrum, businesses, industry innovators, entrepreneurs, academic researchers, and TELUS customers alike will have access to TELUS’ ultrafast and reliable 5G network. As TELUS continues to deploy its new spectrum through 2022 and 2023, more regions will gain access to its increasingly responsive network and faster speeds enabling the next wave of 5G capability, driving further innovation and growth within Canada’s digital economy.

TELUS’ spectrum investments, as well as the 3800 MHz spectrum band currently under consultation, are critical to providing Canadian businesses and researchers with access to superior technology, connecting them to the people, resources and information they need to drive innovation. TELUS’ 3500 MHz spectrum will enable the next wave of 5G capabilities, such as multi-access edge computing (MEC) and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, while powering important advances in health, agriculture, energy, transportation, and manufacturing. As artificial intelligence, virtual reality, smart vehicles and smart city capabilities are strengthened through this mid-band spectrum, solutions that optimize energy consumption, reduce food waste, connect patients to critical healthcare services in real-time and power intelligent transport systems, will be easily achievable. In addition, TELUS continues to work closely with partners such as the University of Ottawa and Hub 350 in Ottawa, University of Alberta and Olds College in Alberta, General Motors in southern Ontario, as well as Zú in Montreal to stimulate impactful innovations in these areas and beyond.

“TELUS is committed to driving Canada’s economy forward through world-class broadband infrastructure. Our significant investments in TELUS’ 5G wireless network will help solve some of society’s most pressing challenges in education, food security and climate change,” said Tony Geheran, Executive Vice-President and Chief Operations Officer at TELUS. “The deployment of our 3500 MHz spectrum is an important step to unlocking the potential of 5G, particularly as it fuels innovation across different industries. We believe that Canada should follow international best practices to ensure enough spectrum is available as quickly and affordably as possible so that all Canadians’ have access to the social, environmental and economic benefits that 5G brings, which is why we continue to advocate for responsible, strategic and predictable regulatory policy as a critical opportunity to drive timely and ubiquitous availability of 5G.”

As the backbone of TELUS’ rural wireless high speed internet service, the deployment of this spectrum across Canada will also deliver 5G Internet speeds to rural, remote and Indigenous communities, with even faster speeds coming as more spectrum is deployed. Canadians living in some rural and remote communities are also some of the first in the country to access home Internet speeds of 100 Mbps through TELUS’ 5G fixed wireless network, using the capabilities of 5G to provide a powerful alternative to a wired internet connection. To better support rural and urban customers alike, TELUS plans to invest an additional $70 billion across the country in infrastructure, operations and spectrum through 2026.

“Leveraging spectrum to support rural connectivity is a key innovation that we are really proud to be driving. 5G is going to change the way we innovate in Canada and that will drive economic growth and prosperity for rural and urban residents alike,” added Geheran.

As the 5G network continues to evolve, customers located in areas covered by 3500 MHz spectrum, using compatible 5G devices, can take advantage of an Unlimited 5G+ plan to experience even faster speeds on TELUS’ reliable and award-winning 5G network. For example, customers will be able to download larger files and stream HD videos more smoothly, and connect to more devices at once and on-the-go with impeccable network performance, even in crowded places.

Building on its award-winning wireless network, TELUS is committed to continuing to fuel Canada’s innovation sector with the deployment of its new 3500 MHz spectrum on its 5G network. Its continuous investments and ongoing partnerships in 5G are actively shaping the country’s health, environmental and societal outcomes for a friendlier future.

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