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Telefonica Picks Huawei And Nokia For Its 5G Networks In Germany

Telefonica Deutschland has selected Nokia and Huawei as its launch partners for its 5G network in Germany.

Telefonica Deutschland expects to start building its 5G network in early 2020 and will use kit from both vendors to power its next generation mobile networks.

The US government is continuing to ramp up the pressure on its European allies in its campaign against Huawei – threatening to withhold crucial security information from any country who allows the Chinese tech giant to be involved in its commercial 5G rollouts. The US believes that Huawei’s networks could be used by the Chinese government for acts of state sponsored espionage.

Germany appeared to have ruled out a ban on Huawei but renewed political pressure from the US government has seen operators take a more cautious approach.

“With this decision we are taking into account the fact that the political process has not yet been completed, without delaying the start of its 5G network buildout,” Telefonica Deutschland said in a statement.

Telefonica Deutschland has 45 million mobile subscribers in Germany and is looking to rollout next generation mobile network services across the country in the first half of 2020. – Total Telecom

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