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The rate of return on capital is very low; expect a tariff increase by the middle of 2023. Bharti Airtel

Sunil Mittal, chairman of Bharti Airtel, has announced that consumers should expect a hike in tariff prices as the return on capital is quite low.
He further stated that a company needs to look at consumers as well as its own growth perspective. It is critical not to put yourself in situations where recovery is difficult. Bharti Airtel raised their tariff prices last month, and a basic Airtel plan now costs around RS 150 to a consumer. He further stated that the hike was necessary to look at the company’s growth perspective, and as a team, they needed to find ways to bring both consumers and the company onto the same page. Bharti Airtel is the second-largest telecom company in India with a huge consumer base. They are one of the oldest telecom companies that have not
succumbed to the Jio Wave. But now it can be understood that they are looking at ways to generate more capital, which they can use to grow quickly and have a good stand in the 5G market.

He also said that we do not want situations like other telecom brands that once decreased their tariff prices to such a low level that they were not able to come back, and are now finding ways to prove their existence. He believes that these are the reasons many telecom brands have failed and are struggling. From a consumer perspective, we can expect a slight increase in tariff prices as telecom companies are not looking in any mood of giving low prices reward to consumers any soon.

Nokia will launch its first Wi-Fi in 2023

Nokia recently made news as they changed their iconic logo, which had been associated with them for decades. The reason they gave was that they wanted people to look at Nokia as a variety brand and not just a mobile phone brand. And now we can see why they were giving such reasons, as they are going to launch their first ever Wi-Fi in the year 2023.

Looking at the strong market size of Wi-Fi, it looks like a brilliant move from Nokia. Since the introduction of working from home, Wi-Fi has become a necessity. And now people have become so used to such technologies that switching habits have become difficult. Nokia is a known brand for the past few decades, and the trust of its consumers is what keeps the brand going. And now they want to prove the trust of their users by dominating the Wi-Fi market.

Nokia announced that their Wi-Fi will provide users with a faster network and less fluctuation, which is a major issue with the current options. We can expect the WiFi to be launched mid-year, as it is currently in the testing phase, and the final product will be released after all the successful testing of the device.

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