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5G Perspective

Telecom manufacturing in India AS industry brings in 5G

Over the last few decades, continuously evolving technology and faster modes of communication are changing the lives of people by providing them faster access to information, new ways of interaction, and new methods of education. Telecom industry in itself evolved from basic LAN line voice service to wireless communication, now enabling new paradigms of data services, enabling information exchange in real time over the internet, which shall soon reach the newly evolved internet as metaverse.

The increase in usage of smartphones with 3G and then 4G has continuously been providing the live access to information and interconnectivity of devices that has been a big motivation factor for companies creating new use cases to digitize everything. As per a report published on November 30 in Broad Guide and Ratings, “Rapid 5G deployments by Indian service providers will enable 5G subscriptions to reach around 31 million by the end of 2022 and 690 million by the end of 2028. 5G will represent around 53 percent of mobile subscriptions at the end of 2028.”

With 5G, direct beneficiaries are the enterprises having digital transformation in business processes in nearly all sectors and industries, such as health, manufacturing, banking, transportation, retail, etc. 5G will also push robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things as drivers for Industry 4.0 (Fourth Industrial Revolution). Same was very evident in this year’s India Mobile Congress, where many tech giants displayed a series of different innovative technologies. 5G shall also accelerate the connected car technology with V2X (Vehicle to everything) and SMART transportation system.

The big role of 5G in SMART City project initiative will bring a new experience in life style of people where all these solutions shall be running seamlessly on 5G.

With all this new innovation around the world, let us look back a little. During development of 2G, 3G, and 4G technology standards, India never played any significant role. However, now for 5G standards, we see that India is playing an active role in defining the requirements of the 5G standard through TSDSI (Telecommunications Standards Development Society of India).

This will not only provide an opportunity for our domestic companies to create intellectual property rights (IPR) and essential patents, but also create cost-effective solutions for our entrepreneurs and retail customers.

Savitri is serving the nation for 23 years with its solutions and services, and is a leading player in optical fiber product manufacturing and passive product line manufacturing. We also offer a full range of products in test and measurements to almost all the Indian players including government organizations and private players. Time and synchronization solution offered by Savitri group is one of the solutions that is used by nearly 85 percent of the companies around the world.

We at Savitri believe that communication has been the most potent medium for human kind to evolve. And this always inspires us to drive digital transformation to enable communication for everyone, everywhere, and every moment while ensuring that our solutions and services provide the ease of work and ease of business. We continuously work on new areas and solutions that can contribute to the growth of the Indian telecom and ICT industry.

Right now, on the same lines, we are gearing up into new IT and IoT verticals. We have the vision and strategy to expand our portfolio with new areas where we bring in plug-and-play integrated enterprise solutions. These solutions shall be the business process software solutions integrated with IoT solutions functioning on cloud and connected through 5G.

One-stop shop for users to experience a single user interface monitoring complete manufacturing unit and end-to-end enterprise functions and processes. Reports enabled with the real-time online business scorecard reports and financial data status would enable the management to monitor KPIs at all levels.

Summing up, in coming years, we would witness Indian telecom manufacturers coming up with a big range of innovative use cases and products on, O-RAN, IoT, industrial automation, green energy, enterprise solutions, cloud solutions, and also new set of services as infrastructure-as-a-service, software-as-a-service providing automated business process handling, live and new connectivity having holographic view instead of 2G images during video calls, better education, faster and better health solutions, new era of gaming excitement and all together new internet as metaverse.

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