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Telecom industry to suffer 70,000 job losses due to COVID-19

The outbreak of Coronavirus has disrupted various sectors of the economy. Nearly, every sector like Travel and Tourism, Automobile, Aviation Industry and many more have been facing constant financial burden due to the spread of COVID-19. As the government has imposed a lockdown period, normal operations of the sector have been hampered, which have disturbed the operating incomes. Telecom industry is one of the major sectors, which is facing a significant impact due to the outbreak of Covid-19. As reported by ET Telecom, Telecom Industry might suffer 70,000 job losses, and if the demand of the telecom sub-sectors will fall, more job losses can be witnessed in the industry.

Total Manpower of the Telecom Industry is 20 Lakhs

Aditya Narayan Mishra, who is the director and CEO of CIEL HR Services, stated that the telecom industry has a total manpower capacity of 20 lakhs. The job profiles include operators Infra Providers, Data Centres and Handsets. It is expected that major job losses would happen in the areas of operators, tech solutions due to cost optimisation drive. The estimated loss of manpower due to Covid-19 is expected around 70,000.

Lower Demand of Handsets Will Increase Job Losses

Due to the lockdown period, manufacturing units have been shut down to stop the spread of Covid19. It is also expected that the demand for new handsets will decrease due to the deadly virus. If the expectations are true, the telecom industry will suffer more job losses. Nearly, 700,000 manpower is deployed in the handset manufacturing sector.

Demand for Voice and Data Services Have Increased

Since the government has announced the lockdown period, people have been working from home and relying on various OTT platforms for their entertainment. Due to increased entertainment and work needs, the demand for voice and data services have been drastically increased. Telecom operators have been facing massive traffic on their network towers. However, they have been doing their best to provide seamless telecom services amidst challenging times. Telecom operators are enhancing and adding new network towers to cater to the growing demand for voice and data services in India. Also, telecom operators are offering a variety of benefits to their subscribers to help them stay connected with their loved ones.

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