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Tele2 speeds up AI-driven customer service boost with Amazon Bedrock

As Tele2 continues the expansion of its IoT business in Europe, it is of great importance to keep the level of customer satisfaction high without proportionally increasing the size of the operational team. To achieve this, Tele2 looks to improve the customer service tools, data and insight available to support agents, enabling them to better address customer issues and identifying root causes for faster resolutions.

With the current advancements in AI technology, the solution was designed using AWS services and showcased to customers at Tele2 IoT Talks at the end of 2023. It will help Tele2 IoT customer support agents to provide faster and more detailed conversational responses to IoT customer inquiries across multiple channels.

The solution is built on Amazon Bedrock and utilizes multiple large language models (LLMs) through internal chatbots trained on specific telecom domain knowledge. It puts summarized insights across diverse large data sets specific to IoT services right into the hands of support agents. They can quickly and privately customize the underlying models for faster and more focused resolutions, leading to a better customer experience, while protecting customer-specific data through secured access to Amazon Bedrock.

Taking the innovation journey into the next year, Tele2 is focused on enhancing the solution with multi-language support to enable further localization for its agents. An additional objective is making it available for IoT partners and customers as a multi-tenant solution. This way they can increase their own end-customer service efficiency and satisfaction in B2B2x scenarios through streamlined and personalized support.

“By leveraging AWS to accelerate our generative AI innovation in customer service, we are confident that we can alleviate the pressure on our customer service agents and support our European expansion. Most importantly, we will continue enhancing the experience and satisfaction of our customers, while setting new standards in responsiveness, accuracy and security,” says Cyril Deschanel, Managing Director at Tele2 IoT.

“Enabling Tele2 to launch this solution so quickly has been possible through Amazon Bedrock. This platform makes generative AI capabilities accessible to telecom operators through simple API calls. It removes complexity and provides them immediate and secure access to a wide range of large language models for fast paced innovation, refinement and customization. Tele2 applied these capabilities to real-world scenarios to improve the experience for their IoT customer base to unlock the potential of this technology for them,” says Ajay Rane, Head of Telco IoT GTM at AWS.

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