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TelcoDR and CloudFix join forces to revolutionize telcos

TelcoDR, the leading catalyst in propelling telcos’ transition to the public cloud, announces a groundbreaking partnership with CloudFix, a leading provider of SaaS-based AWS cost optimization solutions. This exclusive partnership agreement empowers telcos to unlock unprecedented savings on their AWS costs. The partnership will provide exclusive pricing offers to telcos who purchase CloudFix through TelcoDR.

CloudFix, a trusted solution utilized by CIOs, CTOs, and cloud operations teams worldwide, seamlessly integrates with AWS environments, equipping telcos with a simple and straightforward way for telcos to achieve significant savings. Ideal for organizations with an annual AWS expenditure exceeding $20 million, CloudFix has already delivered impressive results. A recent customer with an annual spend of $150 million with AWS is on track to realize over $65 million in savings over three years, validating the unmatched potential of this cutting-edge solution.

The key to CloudFix’s success lies in its ability to automate complex cost-saving recommendations from AWS that engineering teams can’t keep up with at scale. While other cloud optimization solutions only focus on visibility and visualization, CloudFix actually realizes the savings — using trusted, AWS native tools with least privilege access to automatically fix things like outdated or default configurations that may be costing customers far too much money. Examples are trusted, safe fixes like moving from GP2 to GP3 or turning on S3 Intelligent Tiering (up to the infrequent access tier) to optimize storage costs.

What sets CloudFix apart from other cost-optimization solutions on the market is its unparalleled automation. Not only does it provide recommendations to optimize spend, it also seamlessly applies those recommendations to the customer’s environment. This eliminates the need for manual execution (which is difficult to sustain consistently), enabling customers to swiftly realize substantial savings without investing precious time. And customers still have complete control over recommended changes. In one click, you can configure CloudFix recommendations to automatic implementation or manual approval.

“We are thrilled to offer this exclusive partnership with CloudFix, empowering telco companies to maximize their savings and unlock the full potential of the public cloud,” stated Danielle Royston, TelcoDR’s CEO. “CloudFix’s laser focus on telco’s largest area of spend, compute, generates monumental savings for our customers. By liberating wasted spend, telcos can redirect these savings towards exciting new frontiers in the public cloud, such as our cutting-edge telco SaaS products under the Totogi brand.”

Rahul Subramaniam, CEO, and founder of CloudFix expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are delighted to collaborate with TelcoDR to help telcos realize significant savings on their current AWS spend so they can reinvest in new AWS innovations. With TelcoDR’s unparalleled understanding of telecom companies’ needs, and CloudFix’s unmatched ability to find and instantly bank AWS-approved savings, we are confident that this partnership will unlock hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for telcos worldwide.”

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