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Telangana Police warns citizens about 5G SIM scams

With Airtel and Jio rolling out 5G services, scamsters are using this opportunity to make some quick bucks. In an attempt to make people aware of the scams, Telangana State Police has shared an awareness video on social media platforms.

The video explains how one could be lured into sharing OTPs with cybercriminals under the false pretext of activating 5G services on one’s SIM card.

Sharing the video, Telangana State Police’s Twitter handle wrote, “Beware of 5G Upgradation sim scam. Don’t fall prey to cyber fraudsters who can dupe you on the pretext of upgrading your sims.”

According to the video by Money Purse, Cyber criminals would reach out to you via call or text and inform you that you are eligible for shifting to 5G services and that it is for free. Then they will ask you for an OTP which will help them activate the services.

When one gives the OTP, the scamsters will hack their phones and steal all their personal information. Additionally, they can also get into banking apps and steal all the money from the accounts.

It is to be noted that 5G services are available only in select cities and most existing SIM cards are already compatible with the service. Also, the activation can be done by following simple steps on your phone, and remote activation is not usually necessary.

Any calls or texts from suspicious sources that claim to help you with activating the 5G services need to be dealt with caution. It is advised to not share OTPs without a credible reason. INDToday

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