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TCS COO highlights ChatGPT’s importance in client conversations

N Ganapathy Subramaniam, the TCS COO and executive director, has said that client conversations now start and end with ChatGPT, indicating its growing importance in the IT services industry. Subramaniam added that innovation is becoming increasingly important and is a key focus for clients in the industry. He also stated that TCS has been using AI, including generative AI, for several years, and that the company has started to generate revenue from its use in client environments.

TCS’s focus on generative AI and deep learning
Tata Consultancy Service has been working extensively with generative AI, with its TCS Bancs product using the technology extensively. Subramaniam said that the company’s goal is to apply machine learning and deep learning to the data it has to improve its delivery capabilities. However, he noted that ChatGPT is a technology tool like any other, and as it matures, TCS will build core competencies and develop a centre of excellence around it.

Impact of Generative AI on Jobs
While generative AI will have an impact on the workforce, Milind Lakkad, CHRO of TCS, said that the technology will not take away jobs but will bring changes that require upskilling of employees. He added that the introduction of new technology will create new value for clients.

TCS’s Q4FY23 annual results
Tata Consultancy Service announced its Q4FY23 annual results, which showed a slower turnaround in business sentiment in North America. However, the company sees growth coming from the UK, continental Europe, and other geographies. The management also revealed that the company had signed $10 billion worth of total contract value (TCV) deals, with a good number of large deals worth over $50 million coming from continental Europe.

Preparing for the Impact of Generative AI
Subramaniam acknowledged that the impact of Generative AI on society is an ongoing discussion, but he believes that its use will impact every area that has not yet been touched by technology. TCS is preparing for the technology’s impact by building a centre of excellence and core competencies around it to deliver responsible and meaningful solutions to clients. The company believes that generative AI, like any technology, has drawbacks and benefits, and they are keen to understand and use it in the right way.

In conclusion, TCS is at the forefront of using generative AI, and technology is playing an important role in client conversations. TCS is preparing for the impact of generative AI on society by building core competencies and developing a centre of excellence. The company believes that generative AI will create new value for clients and that upskilling employees will be key to managing the technology’s impact on the workforce. Business Outreach

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