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Tata Communications Quote On How 5G Will Change Business Models And Bring In Innovations Like Autonomous Vehicle

Posted by Tata Communications

“The adoption of 5G is going to be critical to fully realize the vision of a mobile-first, connected world.

According to Cisco, by 2020 annual global mobile data traffic will reach 366.8 Exabytes. To meet the demand for the collection, transport, storage and analysis of all this data at high speed with low latency, the latest telco investments are focused on building 5G networks.

The enhanced speed and flexible connectivity of 5G will create entirely new approaches to businesses and business models. 5G networks will allow factories to cut cables to their machines and put more intelligence into both edge computing and the cloud. This will lead to cheaper robots, quicker change times and much more flexible production.

While 4G revolutionized the smartphone experience, 5G will have an even bigger impact on other smart consumers “things” – such as autonomous vehicles. Though still in the infancy stage, the autonomous vehicle network will rely on next-gen mobile networks to handle the high levels of data across all areas – such as car diagnostics and journey details, and the urban infrastructure that supports vehicles, including smart road signs and traffic lights. Thanks to 5G, the insights gained could be used in new ways, such as reducing the amount of breakdowns and providing more detailed real-time traffic reports and air quality information.

We are at the beginning of a new era of global connectivity, with speeds we’ve never seen before. All these higher bandwidth use cases require a faster, more responsive “network on demand” in order to realise their full potential. 5G will have a positive impact in the long-term while fixed networks will remain a necessity due to both bandwidth and security reasons.”―CT Bureau

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