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Taking pride in what you do is important

On GitHub, India is the second biggest contributor to the developer ecosystems. In terms of artificial intelligence (AI) projects, India is number one and already has the human capital to build on the AI opportunity, said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella discussing the opportunities and culture of innovation in India.

“Assuming you have all the tailwinds, managing culture and innovating becomes important,” Nadella said speaking to Sanjiv Bajaj, MD, Bajaj Finserv at the Microsoft Future Ready Leadership Summit.

Bajaj said, “I realised early on coming from a business which is 100 years old– the role of culture in building outperformance in the long term. We have four mindsets we want to imbibe into the larger set of our employees.”

According to Bajaj, these are customer obsessions and the behaviour associated with it he said is to innovate to simplify customer interactions. The second one is the founder’s mindset which is to “dream to deliver” wherein the individuals will see the company as an opportunity to build their own legacy. The third mindset is talent building, to develop and delegate. Bajaj said innovations and ideas are just not restricted to senior management.

The fourth mindset is to be responsible and the behaviour is doing the right thing.

Nadella then shared his own checklist of growth mindset, “In my nine and a half years of being the CEO, two things have been constant for me. I believe in the sense of having a purpose and mission. The second one like you said, has a founder’s mindset. As a non-founder CEO, I had to pick up and find the re-founding moment of our mission. The Dev tools I talk about comes from 1975. Being able to take pride in what you do and having that sense of identity and purpose is really important. Then there is having a learning culture.”

Nadella won the third highest civilian honour, Padma Bhushan, in October 2022. He had said then that he looked forward to continuing to work with people across India to help them use technology to achieve more. Moneycontrol

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